TIPS Industry Solutions and Services (MES) enable business transformation and increase operational efficiency in the Rugao mill's carton board line


Asia Symbol Jiangsu selects Tietoevry as its business transformation partner. (Credit: Spencer Wing from Pixabay)

Asia Symbol Jiangsu Co., Ltd, selected Tietoevry’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to execute business transformation and to increase operational efficiency in their Rugao mill’s carton board line. The latest information technologies, digitalization and automation of the key business processes enable improvements both in production and operations management.

Asia Symbol is a world-leading producer of pulp and paper, and a part of the RGE Group which produces different kinds of pulp, boards, uncoated woodfree printing and office paper. The company is committed to sustainable development and exploration of long-term renewable resources for paper production.

“The cooperation with Tietoevry will not only support our daily business management of modern paper machines, but also Tietoevry’s richest industrial practice experience helps us to find out our weaknesses or shortcomings and deficiencies of our current operation management. This will help Asia Symbol improve the level of lean management. We hope that the collaboration between the two companies in China could create a great new benchmark”, says Pei Jiabin, IT Director & BM13 Project Manager, Asia Symbol.

“We are excited about the collaboration with Asia Symbol and the possibility to support their business transformation journey, while we are expanding our presence in China and Asia to better support our local customers. Digitalization, automation, and harmonization of key business processes are our strengths and help the customer to drive growth and success in the competitive market, now and in the future,” says Jarmo Ropponen, Head of Sales and Marketing, Pulp, Paper & Fibre, Tietoevry Industry.

TIPS Industry Solutions and Services are optimized for the pulp, paper, fibre, board, tissue, non-woven and packaging industries, utilizing industry-proven best practices. It is the leading MES solution and has already been installed in more than 300 paper mills worldwide.

Source: Company Press Release