The new wine bottle for Arterra is offered in a premium, sustainable package to enhance shelf and consumer appeal


Arterra’s new lightweight wine bottles from Ardagh. (Credit: Ardagh Group S.A.)

Glass manufacturer Ardagh Group Glass North America has agreed to provide its lightweight wine bottle to alcoholic beverage firm Arterra Wines Canada.

Ardagh Group will supply lightweight 1.5l Bordeaux Stelvin wine bottles, which has an overall weight reduction of 20% (5.50 ounces) from its original design for Arterra.

The bottle, which is made available in a premium, sustainable package to enhance shelf and consumer appeal, is designed using “high-quality glass”.

Arterra procurement vice-president Emilio Russo said: “Arterra is very proud of its supply relationship with Ardagh Group and the delivery of the latest lightweight bottle initiative.

“We remain committed to delighting our customers and consumers with this sustainable packaging format.”

New bottles developed in compliance with LCBO standards

Ardagh said that the new bottles are developed in compliance with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s (LCBO) standards, and requires less energy with reduced transportation impact and CO2 emissions.

Ardagh North American Glass business unit chief commercial officer John Shaddox said: “As the largest producer of glass wine bottles made 100% in North America, Ardagh takes pride in working closely with customers like Arterra to deliver the highest standards in sustainable packaging options.

“The 1.5l Bordeaux Stelvin bottle is manufactured across the US, making it available for regional shipment to North American wineries from coast to coast.”

Besides the redesigned 1.5l Bordeaux Stelvin bottle, Ardagh’s collection includes 12 750ml bottles and one 1l bottle.

In June 2020, Ardagh Group has installed a heat recycling system at its German glass production facility, as part of its sustainable efforts.

At the Wahlstedt glass production plant, the company has installed a new batch preheater or heat recovery system.