Made from paperboard Cupforma Natur by Stora Enso, the new package contributes to SIA Glass’ environmental sustainability


Image: Arta Plast has developed new renewable packaging for ice cream brand SIA Glass. Photo: courtesy of Stora Enso.

Packaging manufacturer Arta Plast has developed a renewable packaging using Stora Enso’s Cupforma Natura paperboard for Swedish ice cream brand SIA Glass.

SIA Glass, which is part of Sweden’s family-owned company Bertek Group, has selected the new package to support its environmental sustainability by reducing the climate impact by 50% compared with the former plastic package.

SIA Glass’ Stefan Carlsson said: “It was a challenge to find an innovative, renewable package that can help us reduce fossil-based material, since we couldn’t compromise the oval form, which is an established part of our brand. It makes 94% of the brand awareness among our consumers.”

New renewable packaging for ice cream brand SIA Glass

Arta Plast has designed FiberCup to deliver low carbon footprint, formability and functionality, as per the requirement of SIA Glass.

Over half of the FiberCup is renewable material, which can be disposed in carton recycling in the country.

FiberCup is expected to reduce CO2 emissions of SIA by 109 tonnes per year, which is 37% less than plastic packaging.

The Swedish ice cream brand intends to halve its climate footprint by 2025, and is currently evaluating its entire portfolio to reduce fossil-based material in packaging.

SIA Glass has selected its 0.65 litre bowl, made of paperboard from Stora Enso, for its organic and lactose-free store range, as the first step of its initiative.

Carlsson added: “For SIA glass, packaging is high on the agenda. The company has been around for over 450 years, and sustainability has always been an integral part of our business. Consumers are increasingly demanding renewable packaging which is as much fossil-free as possible.

“The new pack is now used for part of our portfolio, but it is a step to the right direction, and we will continue to look for low carbon packaging solutions for our entire range.”

In May this year, Stora Enso launched Cupforma Natura Solo, a renewable paperboard designed for paper cups and to ensure effective recycling.