Dairy products supplier Arla Foods has set up a new sales and packaging facility in Accra, Ghana.

Arla, owned by 11,200 farmers, is planning to expand its business in Sub-Saharan Africa by selling its products including powdered milk under its brand Dano, butter and cheese under Arla and Lurpak brands.

The opening of new facility is a part of the company’s business strategy, Good Growth 2020.

Under the strategy, the firm is paving path to expand its market range outside the EU zone and increase the milk price for the 11,200 farmers.

At present, Arla is building a re-packaging facility in Accra and has started hiring workers for the site.

As of now, the firm will employ 8 people and the numebr may increase further with improvement in the business.

Under Good Growth 2020, Arla is aspiring to increase its revenue by three times in Sub-Saharan Africa business by 2020.

Arla Sub-Saharan Africa business region vice president Steen Hadsbjerg said:  “Ghana is a well-developed food market in West-Africa, where Arla has a lot to offer consumers.

“More families in the growing middle-class are increasingly demanding safe and affordable nutrition, and West-Africa currently faces a milk deficit, which gives Arla an opportunity to provide dairy products that meet the consumers’ needs.”

Recently, Arla has decided to move the production of white mould cheese from Lillebælt Dairy facility to Troldhede Dairy in Denmark.

Arla Foods board members are planning to shutdown the Lillebælt Dairy facility by 2019.

Image:Arla launches new sales and packaging facility in Ghana. Photo: Courtesy of Arla Foods.