Argentinian beverages firm Refres Now has invested in Sacmi OPERA roll-fed technology to boost its labeling capacity at its La Matanza bottling plant in Buenos Aires.


Image: A Sacmi OPERA roll-fed technology. Photo: courtesy of Sacmi.

Refres Now owns an array of brands in both the soft-drink and bottled water sectors including Manaos, Pleasure, Villa Manaos, La Bichy Now and F-Nandito VII.

Sacmi said that two labellers were recently supplied to Refres Now which will join the existing six Sacmi roll-fed solutions installed over the years to ensure maximum efficiency and meet the growing volumes and high output rates.

Refres Now plans to install the two new Sacmi machines, OPERA 400 RF 30 T, on the its number 9 and number 10 bottling lines. The 9 and 10 bottling liens will be used to label bottles in the 500ml – 2.5 litre and 600ml – 3 litre formats, respectively.

Refres Now has now purchased the two new Sacmi machines, OPERA 400 RF 30 T, for installation at its La Matanza plant.

Capable of reaching application speeds of 50,000bph with minimum label and format changeover times, the two machines feature labeling stations for the application of complete wrap-around labels.

Sacmi said in a statement: “It is this performance and flexibility, together with the advanced assistance and support services, that has, over the years, reinforced the firm’s partnership with Sacmi which, thanks to this latest order, now strengthens its position on the strategic South American market further.”

In 2017, Refres Now installed a Sidel Matrix Combi blow-fill-cap solution, as an extension of its production facility in La Matanza.

Sidel said that the Sidel Matrix Combi allows Refres Now to save 45% in its energy consumption, significantly decrease in water consumption, and improve 40% in the plant’s total production output.