The Bobst Nova SX 550 laminator’s ‘plug and play’ feature allows it to be installed in just one week while eliminating the need for foundations


The NOVA SX 550 Laminator at Establecimiento Gráfico Impresores’ facility. (Credit: BOBST)

Argentina-based packaging firm Establecimiento Gráfico Impresores has commissioned Bobst Nova SX 550 laminating machine at the production plant near Buenos Aires.

The investment forms part of the Argentinean firm’s plan to meet the increasing demand for food packaging.

Designed for short order productivity, the Nova SX 550 laminator provides easy and quick job set-up parameters within 1 minute; 15 minutes for a complete job changeover; 5 minutes to complete a fully automatic washing cycle; and 90 seconds for a transfer roller change.

Establecimiento Gráfico Impresores president Marcelo Alejandro Recio said: “In the current environment, which is somewhat unpredictable, we need the ability to be completely flexible for our customers.

“The NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR helps us with that flexibility, allowing us to fulfil even more short orders at short notice. We have been very impressed with its productivity and output since it arrived.”

Bobst said that the laminator’s ‘plug and play’ feature allow it to be installed in just one week while eliminating the need for foundations.

Recio added: “We were really able to test the plug and play solution, and thanks to local technicians and remote assistance from BOBST, we were up and running in a very short space of time.”

NOVA SX 550 Laminator features highly modular design

Designed to offer enhanced flexibility, agility and sustainability, the NOVA SX 550 Laminator features a highly modular design. It can be configured with transfer rollers or sleeves or monolithic/integral rollers.

Additionally, the machine is equipped to handle a range of substrates and thicknesses, including thin alu-foil, metallised film and stretchable substrates.

Earlier, Establecimiento Gráfico Impresores purchased Bobst machines including two 20SIX CI flexo presses, two CL 850 laminators, and an 8-color 20SEVEN CI flexo press.

Recio added: “There were several features of the machine that appealed to us, but I would highlight its agility for short orders, the fast job changeover, helped by its internal and integrated automatic washing system, and its good process control, which is due to the modular three column machine concept.”