The wineries can use three new 375ml bottles as single-serve options


Ardagh introduces new glass wine bottle designs (Credit: Ardagh Group S.A.)

Ardagh Group, Glass – North America has introduced six new advanced glass wine bottle designs to better serve its customers.

The new designs comprise of three texture options, one 375ml Claret style bottle with a Stelvin finish, one 375ml Claret style bottle with a cork finish and one 375ml Burgundy style bottle with a Stelvin finish.

Ardagh new textures can be applied to a variety of bottles

Ardagh has designed three new textures that can be applied to a variety of bottles.

According to the company, the new Remo, Cuadras and Vina designs deliver an emotional connection to the consumer using unique shapes and textures, helping to establish a more interactive consumer experience.

The three new 375ml bottles can be used by wineries for single-serve options. The new bottles enable consumers to mix-and-match varietals and sample products without focusing on the multi-serve format.

Ardagh’s North American Glass business unit chief commercial officer John Shaddox said: “Innovative bottle designs and single-serve packaging formats provide wineries with opportunities for differentiation in today’s market.

“Ardagh’s new glass wine bottle options leverage a modern, premium look and feel that respond to consumer interest.”

Ardagh will exhibit six new glass wine bottle designs at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium at Cal Expo in Sacramento, which will be held from 5 to 6 February.

In November 2019, Absolut launched a new limited edition bottle, made using more than 41% recycled glass, for its Absolut Vodka brand.

The company partnered with glass and metal products manufacturer Ardagh to create a new sustainable bottle, dubbed Absolut Comeback.

Ardagh has been manufacturing recyclable glass bottles in the US for more than 125 years. It provides a range of premium wine bottles in different colours, sizes, styles and finishes.

The company manufactures glass wine bottles at its facilities in the heart of the major wine-producing areas in North America.