Ardagh has been selected to provide a distinctive angular-shape for Girard’s premium line of salad dressings


Image: Ardagh has designed new glass bottle for Girard’s salad dressing brand. Photo: courtesy of Ardagh Group.

Ardagh Group, Glass – North America has designed a new glass bottle for The T. Marzetti Company’s Girard’s premium line of salad dressing range.

Marzetti has selected Ardagh to provide a premium look for the Girard’s brand, as well as maintain the angular and advanced appearance of the glass bottle.

According to the packaging firm, the newly designed glass bottle offers a refreshed, distinguished appearance in a proven sustainable package.

The T. Marzetti brand director Brian Ely said: “We are very happy with Girard’s new glass bottle design.

“While it not only captures the elegant look of the Girard’s brand, it is more efficient and increases shelf holding power at retailers by 33% versus the previous bottle.”

Ardagh used its development machine to sample the new design prior to full production

Ardagh has used its Vision4Glass approach to design the new bottle for Girard’s brand. The Vision4Glass is comprised of a team of in-house designers that collaborate with customers in the earliest design phases to create conceptual designs, technical drawings, 3D renderings and prototype models.

The development machine has been used by Ardagh to sample the new design prior to full production.

The packaging firm also noted that the technology simulates every manufacturing condition to make glass bottles and jars of unique shapes and sizes, as well as to integrate the latest design features.

Ardagh Group’s North American Glass division new product development and innovation director Efrain Karchmer said: “The Girard’s bottle is a very iconic, premium design that stands out on store shelves.

“When looking for a design refresh that was optimised for manufacturing, filling and packing, without sacrificing any of the key visual elements such as shape, label and closure, Ardagh’s designers did an extraordinary job of providing the perfect solution.”

Recently, Ardagh Group has completed the merger of its Food & Specialty Metal Packaging business with aluminium containers producer Exal to create a new entity called Trivium Packaging.