Ardagh Group, a producer of glass and metal products, has expanded its Coloured Tab and Shell portfolio with the launch of new copper colour for beverage end range.


Image: Ardagh’s new copper colour on can. Photo: courtesy of Ardagh Group.

Intended to give an extra shelf appeal for beverage cans, the copper tone is claimed to offer a beautiful finish to the cans while differentiating them from any existing colour solution for aluminium packaging.

Ardagh said in a statement: “The colour has been approved for both the Coloured Tab and Shell range, meaning customers will be able to choose this on-trend look for both parts of the beverage end together or match it with Ardagh’s other colour options in a wide range of attractive combinations.”

The new colour is suitable for a diameter 202 can end as well as a diameter 200 end. It is also aimed at allowing customers to enhance their packaging for standout shelf appeal.

Ardagh Group European Metal Beverage division sales director Dirk Schwung said: “We are proud to be introducing this unique copper tone as a new colour option for the tab, the shell or the entire beverage end.

“At Ardagh, we’re constantly innovating, looking for new ways to meet customers’ branding needs, and to support new trends in design.”

Recently, Ardagh Group, Glass – North America has provided its 12oz flint (clear) glass bottles for Milwaukee’s original craft brewery, Sprecher Brewing’s new sparkling water product line.

Sprecher Brewing has introduced its natural line of sparkling waters at Menards, Festival Foods and Stein’s Garden & Home.

The product portfolio is comprised of eight flavours such as Fresh Cut Mango, Ripe Strawberry, Cool Cucumber, Valencia Orange, Lime Royale, Tropical Resort, Strawberry Basil and Red Raspberry.

Ardagh provides 100% recyclable glass packaging in all shapes and sizes for major brands across the world. It offers 16 colour options of glass packaging for the customers in North America.

The firm is also a major glass packaging supplier to the customers in the US wine market. For the wine segment, the company offers premium bottles in a variety of colours, sizes, and styles.