Belching Beaver has introduced its hard seltzer made of 100% real fruit in Ardagh’s 12 oz cans that are lightweight and retains taste

Belching Beaver In Ardagh Cans

Belching Beaver launches real fruit hard seltzers in Ardagh cans. (Credit: Ardagh Group/PR Newswire.)

Metal and glass packaging solutions provider Ardagh Group has provided its 12 oz. cans for a craft beer company Belching Beaver’s real fruit hard seltzer.

Belching Beaver has launched its hard seltzer made of 100% real fruit in Ardagh’s cans, which are said to be lightweight and retains taste by protecting the beverage from light.

Belching Beaver brewmaster Troy Smith said: “Our hard seltzers are absolutely unique with real fruit, real taste that consumers will recognise as something different.

“By giving consumers the choice of real fruit in their hard seltzer, we hope to gain some traction as we build our brand in a crowded marketplace.

“Going forward we expect the seltzer line to be a great addition to our lineup of beers. And like we say… open the can, take a sip, close your eyes and let the fruit medley take over.”

Belching Beaver’s hard seltzers are available across western US

The company providing its real fruit hard seltzer in three flavours including Raspberry & Blackberry, Pineapple & Mango, Passionfruit & Guava.

Belching Beaver’s seltzers are now available across the western US at major retailers that include Albertson’s, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Walmart and Whole Foods.

Ardagh Metal Beverage North America CEO Claude Marbach said: “Hard seltzers are a beverage category increasingly committing to cans. This beverage category is growing at a rate similar to the energy drink boom of decades ago.

“And similar to how aluminium cans became the iconic package for energy drinks, the same identification with hard seltzers is occurring.”

Earlier this month, Ardagh Group’s business unit Ardagh Group, Glass – North America has entered into a long-term supply agreement with a family-owned and operated distilled spirits supplier Heaven Hill to manufacture the majority of its premium spirits bottles in the US.

Both companies have worked to manufacture customised, premium spirits bottles with unique embossing and textures, ranging in size from 375ml to 1.75 L.