German beverage creator BLC has selected Ardagh’s 250ml cans for its first collagen protein drink


Ardagh has provided 250ml cans for MALUMA collagen protein drinks. (Credit: Ardagh Group S.A.)

Metal and glass packaging solutions provider Ardagh Group has provided 250ml cans for German beverage creator Black Labels Company’s (BLC) MALUMA collagen protein drinks.

BLC has introduced its first collagen protein drink in Ardagh’s slim 250ml can, which features a light, bright and contemporary matte aesthetic that helps to present the clean-living image of the brand.

BLC CEO Rolf Fritsch said: “MALUMA is our innovation in response to a demand for feel-good, natural drinks that not only have nutrients to support the skin, metabolism and immune system, but are also convenient to buy and drink on-the-go and look great in the hand.”

The can packaging has been selected by BLC to bring a new element of convenience and sustainability to the concept of wellness drinks.

MALUMA collagen protein drink is available in three flavours

BLC is offering the new collagen protein drink in three flavours, which are represented by a pure colour on the can body.

The flavours include goji with strawberry and basil flavour in sky blue can, açaí with guava and ginger in deep pink and passion fruit with lemongrass flavour in golden yellow can.

Ardagh Group European metal beverage business unit sales director Dirk Schwung said: “There’s a growing demographic of consumers who will be excited by a feel-good, healthy drink like MALUMA. They are also keen to make ‘clean’ lifestyle choices, meaning the can is an ideal choice for BLC’s new brand due to being part of a circular economy.”

Recently, Ardagh Group has provided 16 oz. can for beverage brand Adrenaline Shoc’s new energy drink called SHOC.

SHOC is claimed to be a functional alternative to traditional energy drinks with zero sugar, zero artificial flavours and zero chemical preservatives.