The new Future pump from Aptar is produced using polyethylene mono-material to support recycling

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Aptar’s fully recyclable mono-material pump featured on a bottle. (Credit: Aptar)

AptarGroup has introduced a new fully recyclable mono-material pump, dubbed Future, for beauty and personal care applications.

The company has produced the new sustainable pump using polyethylene (PE) mono-material to support recycling.

Traditional pumps may consist of different materials such as metal components, which are expected to complicate the recycling process.

Aptar’s new Future pump is produced using sustainable PE to align with the most common materials, including PE and PET, used to make bottles. It facilitates easily recycle the complete packaging.

Aptar Beauty + Home president Marc Prieur said: “Today we are pleased to launch our latest sustainable innovation, Future, a game-changing dispensing solution.

“Following more than two years of design, engineering and testing, I am very proud of our team’s mono-material design and it truly reflects our commitment to a more circular economy.”

Future pump, which is also manufactured using post-consumer resin (PCR), has secured an International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) for its European production.

The Future pump is also integrated with an advanced on/off locking system, as well as a 360° degree actuator.

Designed for e-commerce, Future’s ISTA 6 compliance also allows the pump to withstand the risks linked with transport and distribution network pressures. It also necessitates less protective carton and paper packaging for the pump.

Aptar product sustainability director Christophe Marie said: “The ideal situation for the complete value chain is to have mono-material packaging where the container, the closure or dispensing system is made from the same material family. This was the big challenge our innovation team overcame with the development of Future.”

Last month, Aptar Beauty + Home launched a next-generation dropper solution, dubbed Star Drop, for ultra-fluid formulas.