The closure improves the safety, quality, packaging and customer experience of United Pharmaceuticals' infant milk brand, Novalac


United Pharmaceuticals selects Aptar Food + Beverage’s Neo closure for Novalac milk brand. (Credit: AptarGroup, Inc.)

Paris-based United Pharmaceuticals has selected Aptar Food + Beverage’s Neo closure for its milk brand, Novalac.

According to the packaging firm, the Neo closure was created using significant consumer research to answer parents’ worries and demands when choosing the product for their infants.

It has a 127mm lid diameter and a customised spoon in various sizes to facilitate parents to easily open, remove the spoon, dispense the product into the bottle, return the spoon to the spot to avoid contamination, and close the package with one hand.

Aptar has included a new feature in which the user will hear an audible click upon reclosing for safety assurance.

Neo’s tamper-resistant function further ensures that the formula has not been opened or handled before being purchased, said Aptar.

To maintain safety, the Neo closure is built in a High Care area with microbiological testing of filtered air and all necessary surfaces to manage the limits, dangers, and regulatory laws.

Microbiological monitoring is also done during the manufacturing process to keep the closure contamination free.

The closure is integrated with a Flexband to preserve and safeguard the product from insects and has been verified by various independent laboratories.

The Flexband has a low application force on the manufacturing line, making it ideal for mechanical or manual applications.

Additionally, the company said that Neo design allows for optimum stackability, which helps save space during transportation, in-store storage, and at home. The design also improves the product’s shelf visibility.

Last month, Spanish food company Salsa Rica selected Aptar Food + Beverage’s Samba closure to enhance and repackage its Hacendado mayonnaise brand.