The REBO water bottle will be incorporated with Bluetooth technology in the cap to track the amount of water consumed


Aptar Food + Beverage and REBO have collaborated to launch new smart reusable water bottle. (Credit: AptarGroup, Inc.)

Aptar Food + Beverage, a business unit of AptarGroup, has collaborated with REBO to introduce a new smart reusable water bottle.

Aptar has pledged to increase the amount of recycled materials in their products, as well as to enhance the recyclability, reusability or composability of their products by 2025. It will be in line with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Commitment.

The firm is also focusing on investments in business models that will help create new ways to handle and protect products as well as reduce plastic waste.

Aptar global market development president Jerome Magniet said: “The partnership with REBO allows us to advance our market knowledge for emerging trends and leverage our manufacturing, regulatory and innovation expertise.”

The REBO water bottle will be integrated with Bluetooth technology in the cap to track the amount of water consumed.

A personalised hydration app, including iOS and Android will be corresponded to the REBO bottle’s smart cap to track health goals.

According to the company, the bottle lights up and sends reminders to the consumers to stay hydrated.

A credit is produced to fund the collection of a tossed away plastic bottle for every time the user refills the REBO bottle.

The new process will allow REBO to support funding for ocean-bound plastic waste collections.

The company will focus on plastic collections in underdeveloped regions to create a positive social impact on their families and community.

REBO founder and CEO PierAndrea Quarta said: “REBO puts technology in your hands to make an immediate impact on the environment while you drink.”

REBO has worked with adidas and Parley to create a limited edition bottle for Run for the Oceans 2021, thereby helping to reduce plastic waste.