The new tamper-evident closure includes a customisable in-moulded scoop for an accurate and specific dosage


Aptar Food + Beverage has introduced new closure for infant formula market. (Credit: AptarGroup, Inc)

Aptar Food + Beverage, part of AptarGroup, has introduced a new tamper-evident closure for the infant formula market.

The new tamper-evident closure, dubbed NEO, is provided with a customisable in-moulded scoop for accurate and specific dosage.

Aptar has designed the closure to better meet the requirements of consumers, as well providing them with safer, cleaner and more functional products.

The company has used a safe production environment called High Care to manufacture the new closure. Aptar’s safe production will help improve safety and hygiene measures, as well as avoid the products from contamination.

The advanced industrial environment will consider different elements, including constraints, risks, and regulations, related to the packing of sensitive milk formula powder.

Aptar’s NEO closure, which will allow to better protect the product inside from external contaminants, features a flex-band that helps to mould itself to be used for different containers.

The new closure will mould itself to fit within a brand’s image, as well as helps firms to select between three different manufacturing finishes such as embossed, in-mould labeling, or bi-injection moulding.

Aptar is offering the new closure in two diameters, including 99mm and 127mm, to easily seal onto all standard infant formula containers such as metal or composite.

The new closure has been designed to handle with one hand

Claimed to be validated by various independent laboratories, the flex-band enables to guard and protect the infant formula from insects.

Its low application force is said to be suitable for a mechanical or manual application, while the centering mechanism allows to easily centre the closure onto the can.

Designed to be handled with just one hand, the new closures features an ergonomic shape and an advanced hinge.

Aptar’s new closure helps the consumer to unlock, use, and replace the scoop back to the holder with one hand. The lid can be resealed by pressing the press-to-close area, upon using the product.

The audible click allows consumers to know that the container is closed, and the infant formula is protected.

In March this year, Aptar Food + Beverage introduced what it claims to be first of its kind anti-pathogenic packaging solution for the food industry.