Apple Rush Company has begun co-packing a spray hand sanitizer for All You Need Goods in Jacksonville, Florida


APRU has announced sanitizer co-packing agreement with All You Need Goods. (Credit: Tumisu from Pixabay)

The Apple Rush Company, Inc. (US OTC PINK: APRU) (the “company”), a beverage maker, manufacture of unique consumer brands and CBD and Kratom products and drinks, announced today that it has begun co-packing hand sanitizer for All You Need Goods, LLC.

Apple Rush Company has begun co-packing a spray hand sanitizer for All You Need Goods in Jacksonville, Florida. “We took on this project because we felt we could help during this National Pandemic of Covid-19. We are utilizing our factory capabilities and knowledge in packaging to help fill a shortage of hand sanitizer. We believe that many distilleries that are helping with filling the short-term disruption in our supply chain will switch back to producing regular spirits as the country begins to loosen restrictions due to Covid-19,” commented Tony Torgerud, CEO of Apple Rush.

Garland Sullivan, President of All You Need Goods, LLC, said, “It has been great working with Tony and his team; not only is he a hard worker, but a genuine guy. He does a great job at putting his clients first and the Apple Rush Company is allowing the true American Dream to take place, allowing an American company to source local product and manufacture it here. We chose the Apple Rush Company to help with this project due to the proximity of the plant from our base in Jacksonville, and the total cost of actual production.

Most sanitizer packagers are booked months out and the costs prohibit a company like ours from getting into the space. However, we used our expertise and extensive international contacts to source the bottles, sprayers, and packaging needs to enter the business quickly. We have made commitments to produce product for as long as we need to in many different packaging configurations. Our expertise in online sales and marketing provides us with an advantage in bringing products to consumers quickly.”

Apple Rush Company, Inc. is continuing to evolve as a diversified company with its flagship products remaining Apple Rush 100% all natural sparkling juice. “We are continuing with the requirements needed to break into the Japanese market with Apple Rush and are excited about those prospects. Management is also working closely with our advisory board, utilizing contacts and market expertise to expand distribution of both Apple Rush and Element C in different regions of the country. This project helps us expand on the acquisition of Mistyk with a WHO-approved alcohol based sanitizer formula,” continued Tony.

Source: Company Press Release