Appleton has introduced AssurMark Security Label Substrate which is tamper evident and has covert security fibres for authentication to fight re-marking and counterfeiting fraud

AssurMark labels cannot be removed without showing visible damage. The security fibres, which are part of the paper itself, simplify authentication because they are invisible under ordinary light but readily visible under ultraviolet light.

By combining security fibres with tamper-evident characteristics, brand owners can tell if someone has placed a fake label over the top of an authentic AssurMark label.

Brand protection applications for AssurMark include product labels, retail labels, routing labels, print-on-demand labels and packaging in pharmaceuticals, power tools, replacement parts, computers, electronics, wines and spirits, and perfumes

Additional AssurMark features are said to include printability for primary, secondary and print-on-demand labels. Stock, coated one side, is available in a converted, ready-to-print form.