A UV screen coating formulation that provides a tactile feel and enhanced graphics to labels has been developed by Pulse Roll Label Products.

So, when a specialist brewer decided to re-launch its alcoholic mixer drink Venom, the company chose the novel look of a 3D, raised image effect label made possible by the printing techniques of The Label Studio, specialists in Pulse’s in-relief UV screen coating formulation.

“The customer wanted a fresh look to the product for re-branding,” says Dave Cox of The Label Studio. “We immediately thought of something tactile for the snake image.

“We created a screen stencil with scales to reflect this but then also had to consider all the processing methods. We needed clarity and height so the product would be visually striking, as well as functional as the label has to withstand pasteurisation, bottling and be water and scuff resistant.”

The design and manufacture of the label involved close co-operation between The Label Studio and Pulse. “The product supplied by Pulse worked right from the start and withstood all the processes necessary,” states Cox. “This was great from our point of view as it meant we did not have to go through a huge development process. We had to get the product out and there was no time to spend on lengthy R+D.”