Faerch Plast has launched a MAP base tray/lidding system which, it says, solves the previously intractable problem of how to effectively top seal APET trays contaminated by meat juices.

Until now, it claims, meat producers using mono-material APET trays have found it “virtually impossible” to achieve a good top lidding seal where tray edges are soiled with blood or meat juices.

Faerch Plast’s monomaterial APET base tray/lidding system – called MAPET – addresses the problem and simultaneously satisfies what the company claims is a growing enthusiasm among meat producers for switching from traditional barrier display film packs to top sealed APET trays. Merete Rosendahl, product manager, explains: “Aside from a high quality presentation, our MAPET system’s two other key advantages are the monomaterial base and outstanding top-seal strength.”

To ensure optimum sealing Faerch Plast worked closely with its APET suppliers and tailored its extrusion process to create the modified APET. It also identified the optimum lidding films and worked closely with topsealing machinery manufacturers world-wide as the sealing process requires a high level of sealing pressure and a special machine sub-frame.

Faerch Plast supplies the base trays and lidding film and will also advise whether existing topsealing equipment will produce adequate sealing pressure. The system is available in the UK through Harrison Europac.