The fully-recyclable paper packaging is used across Nestlé’s Smarties Chocolate Block and Bar product range in Australia


Amcor and Nestlé have unveiled new sustainable packaging for Smarties confectionery brand. (Credit: Amcor plc)

Packaging company Amcor has worked with food and drink processing conglomerate Nestlé to develop recyclable paper packaging for Smarties confectionery brand in Australia.

The new packaging technology with its different applications is used across Nestlé’s Smarties Chocolate Block and Bar product range.

The fully-recyclable packaging can be placed in home recycling bins, thereby supporting Amcor’s commitment to sustainable packaging initiatives.

Amcor is said to leverage its global R&D resources to support Nestlé in the development of sustainable packaging for enviro-conscious consumers.

The new packaging, which is produced using sustainably sourced thermoformable paper, can be printed with either flexographic or gravure technology and finished with a heat or cold-seal adhesive.

Amcor has worked closely with Nestlé to develop the next-generation packaging solution that enables to improve sustainability and consumer convenience, as well as to better protect the product.

Amcor Flexibles Australia and New Zealand general manager and vice president Simon Roy said: “As a diversified packaging company, we’re focused on delivering the most sustainable packaging possible – whilst also ensuring product protection and customer convenience – to help our customers meet end consumer needs.

“This new range of packaging reaffirms our commitment to ensuring all our packaging is designed to be recyclable or reusable by 2025.”

Last month, Amcor collaborated with a group of companies to manufacture soft plastic food wrapper made with recycled content in Australia.

Amcor has joined forces with Nestlé, CurbCycle, iQ Renew, Licella, Viva Energy Australia, LyondellBasell, REDcycle, Taghleef Industries to leverage the individual expertise for the collection and processing of soft plastic waste.