Amcor White Cap has extended its metal closures offer through the introduction of a new deep-drawn Twist-Off screw closure exclusively for use with metal containers.

The 89mm TNV Amcor White Cap Twist-Off closure has already been snapped up by Israeli brand owner Elite Industries of Ramat Gan for use with its Elite instant coffee, which is packed in a 200g-shaped metal container.

Available through multiple retailers and food outlets in Israel, the big selling point of the pack is the extra stacking bead on the cap. This enables the closure surface and container end to be matched and optimally stacked – a major benefit both during transit and on the supermarket shelf.

Once opened and after removal of the aluminium foil on the container, the closure can be easily resealed, ensuring an airtight and also aroma-tight pack.

The screw cap is offset printed in four colours with red predominant, which compliments the printing and brand information on the metal container.

Amcor White Cap has also recently introduced a new magnetic elevator system.

The type MF offers the user many features including location of the drive shaft at the base of the elevator and a freqency control converter for quick and efficient adjustment of closure supply.

An immediate benefit that users can enjoy is a doubling in line speeds to 1500 caps/min for the small closures with diameters of 27-53mm.