The Nutrea/Frudelca’s new orange juice is planned to be launched this month in Colombia in 300ml and 440ml Amcor bottle sizes


The Nutrea/Frudelca’s new orange juice will be made available in 300ml and 440ml bottle sizes. (Credit: Amcor plc)

Colombia’s Nutrea/Frudelca has partnered with packaging company Amcor to launch its Frupro protein juice in hot-fill polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle.

Nutrea/Frudelca is a joint venture between juice supplier Frudelca and Nutrea, a food and beverage company.

Planned to be launched this month in Colombia, the new beverage is expected to meet the demand among consumers who are seeking healthy beverage options, Amcor said.

Frudelca general manager Alejandor Gaviria said: “We relied on Amcor as an important partner to deliver an innovative packaging solution that meets the performance test of this new functional beverage.”

Amcor Rigid Packaging-Latin America sales and marketing vice-president Rodrigo Lecot said that the company will supply a hot-fill bottle that meets all the performance requirements for an evolving segment

The Nutrea/Frudelca’s new orange juice will be made available in the lightweight, recyclable bottles in 300ml and 440ml sizes.

Lecot said that the bottles are designed not only to preserve the natural juice and protein ingredients but also delivers strong shelf appeal.

Amcor said its PET bottles are also shatterproof, recloseable, resealable, reusable, and have the lowest carbon footprint.

Nutrea/Frudelca is planning to introduce other fruit flavours at a later stage.

In September this year, Amcor collaborated with Nestlé to develop recyclable flexible retort pouch for consumer products.

The new recyclable packaging makes use of Amcor’s AmLite HeatFlex Recyclable solution.