Available in two varieties – tangerine and citrus [lemon and grapefruit blend] – Altoids Sours meets the consumer’s desire for an adult sour hard candy.

Designed by Crown’s Speciality Packaging Division to help ensure acceptance of the brand’s first move from mints to the fast-growing hard candy sour market, the package is constructed of tinplate.

The logo and elements of the Altoids brand are embossed directly onto the can, reminiscent of antique canning styles.

The strong colour scheme, citron on silver for Citrus Sours, and orange on silver for Tangerine Sours, clearly identifies each flavour.

The lid slips on securely to ensure product freshness and moisture resistance and is easy to open with a gentle squeeze of the thumb and forefinger. At 78mm in external diameter and 25.4mm overall height, the pack fits conveniently inside the consumer’s hand.