The plastic saved from this revolutionary innovation has a real impact on the environment, reducing CO2 emissions


Dura-Lite Family of Bottles .(Credit: Business Wire, Inc.)

Altium Packaging is excited to announce an important milestone for its award-winning family of Dura-Lite packages. To date, Altium has shipped over 1 billion Dura-Lite bottles to customers throughout the United States—including for major national beverage manufacturers.

Sean Fallmann, President and CEO of Altium Packaging, stated, “We are thrilled to have reached this milestone. The Dura-Lite design technology provides a new generation of stronger and lighter-weight packages and is perfectly aligned with Altium Packaging’s commitment to offering sustainable solutions to customers. By using less plastic in a distinctively designed package, Dura-Lite helps our customers realize supply chain savings, meet sustainability targets, and refresh the look and feel of their products.”

Brian Hankin, SVP of Strategy and Innovation, comments, “The plastic saved from this revolutionary innovation has a real impact on the environment, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 38 million pounds, which is the environmental equivalent to planting about 1.5 million trees. The reduced energy usage is also impressive amounting to about 30 million kilowatt hours saved, which is the same amount required to power the average U.S. household for almost 3,000 years1.”

Since 2016 Altium has installed Dura-Lite molds across its national network of manufacturing facilities to support accelerating customer demand for these innovative packages. Dura-Lite packages typically use between 10% and 25% less plastic than comparable traditional designs – all while meeting or exceeding the key performance attributes of those traditional designs.

Dura-Lite packages are available in gallons, half-gallons, quarts, industrial round gallons, and canisters, presenting customers the opportunity to leverage a matched set of bottles with similar aesthetic features and enhanced performance characteristics. Our latest innovation is the Dura-Lite canister, presenting customers with a lightweight solution in various sizes, that have enhanced performance properties for the household chemical, personal care, healthcare, and automotive industries.

Source: Company Press Release