Bobst claims its new Alpina II folder gluer “brings so much that it will still be revolutionary for years to come”. It will “grant carton producers an unequalled return on investment,” the company boasts.

Key elements of the machine include modularity, operator friendliness, time savings, safe operation, speed, and a large range of options. “Unequalled technological innovations” help to minimize production costs thanks to simplified settings, the quality of the finished product and its reliability, it is claimed. Its modular design enables the user to choose from more than 30 versions.

Higher productivity comes with a speed of 500m/min in the basic version that can be adapted to 625m/min, when required. Quieter operation derives from a new drive said to reduce noise levels considerably. Improvements to the Combifolder have boosted the maximum production speed for four and six-corner boxes to 40,000/hour.

The Gyrobox module rotates the blanks by up to 90 degrees, enabling folding and gluing in one pass for jobs which normally require two. Another module will break the nicks left in-situ to allow for correct feeding. A remote control handles functions such as start-up, stop, inching and machine speed variation.

A CUBE II control unit ensures that each box is processed through the various quality control devices. The Web Open Data system enables exchange of data between the machine and a centralized information system. Bobst VIEW provides remote trouble-shooting, so that a Bobst engineer can access the heart of the Alpina II, identify any electrical problem and, where possible, put the machine back into production.



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