Alpha's gone to Iceland

PMT Iceland has replaced three American CI presses and a UV letterpress with a single Edale Alpha 4-colour machine equipped with full UV drying facilities.

Oddur Sigurdsson, Managing Director of PMT, calculated that the Alpha, together with his existing Edale 250S, would give him the same if not better productivity because of the Alpha’s high print/dry speeds and extremely fast set-up and changeover. This is a key factor for PMT because of the company’s many short run contracts.

They also believe that the print quality achievable with the new flexopress will give them a competitive edge over printers using letterpress and offset litho technology. “The extra space in our factory is a bonus,” says Mr Sigurdsson. “We shall also be making savings through having complete compatibility between our two machines and the Markandy die conversion kit which means that we can continue to run jobs which were set up for the old presses.”

Although Edale does not have local representation in Iceland, Mr Sigurdsson is perfectly happy with the support provided from the UK. “Because of the machine;s sensible design and the excellent User Manual, there appears to be little in the way of routine servicing that we cannot do ourselves,” he says. “Telephone support is always available and the delivery of spares from Romsey is always fast, efficient and reliable.”