Albéa has further invested in Nilpeter technology with the acquisition of new FA-presses for its sites in India, Brazil, and Poland


Image: Albéa has invested in new Nilpeter FA-line presses. Photo: courtesy of Nilpeter.

Packaging manufacturer Albéa has purchased new FA-line presses from Nilpeter, in a bid to enhance its production capabilities.

Albéa has further invested in Nilpeter FA-presses to install at its sites in India, Brazil and Poland.

Nilpeter said that most of the new presses have already been installed, while the installation is ongoing in Brazil.

In 2008, Albéa first purchased two original FA-4 flexo presses, through its former UK division Betts Group, for locations in India and Indonesia.

Selection of Nilpeter’s new FA-presses

Nilpeter’s new FA-presses have been selected by Albéa following a comprehensive vetting process with testing and trials.

The new FA-presses will be used in the fields of laminate tubes for oral care packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other various personal care applications.

Designed for addressing the growing needs of printers, the new FA-press is provided with an advanced user interface and fully mobile print controls.

The FA enables to optimise the performance of customer’s press with value-adding units, application and automation packages, as per the application requirements and budget.

All major components of the presses are produced in-house to help improve the production quality and control.

Digital printing stations can be added to the Albéa’s new FA-presses, enabling to print variable data in the future.

Nilpeter has developed a zero-waste/defects solution to help Albéa meet market quality requirements.

Nilpeter UK sales lead John Hammond said: “In short, we are delighted to continue the close working relationship we have developed with Albéa over the years. It is truly mutually beneficial – working together, learning from each other – gaining and improving in laminate tubes, and growing together through the process.

“And the potential for more is evident. We cherish the collaboration and look forward to many years of mutual success.”

Albéa provides beauty and personal care packaging solutions, including plastic and laminate tubes, mascaras, lipsticks, samplers and foam pumps.

In December 2017, Albéa provided its F2 propellant-free foamer for personal care brand Comprehensive Cranium Care’s C3 Head Wash range of scalp and skin cleansers.