An energy saving device claimed to dramatically cut the use of compressed air has been developed by O.N. Beck.

Airminder has been designed to control wastage of compressed air by intelligent supply and demand control at point of use. It is fitted with a sensor that alerts the control unit to cut off the compressed air supply when gaps occur or objects are stationary on a conveyor line or during any intermittent operations using compressed air.

A pre-determined time delay is programmed into the control and produces an instantaneous start-up when a moving object is detected. The Airminder has a manual over-ride plus automatic switch-off ability if human error occurs. It will also reduce noise levels.

Airminder is aimed at all industries using compressed air. The first installations have been in the brewing and soft drinks industries.

Says managing director Clifford Beck: “Airminder can save from 10% to maybe 80% of compressed air energy costs? And could avoid purchasing a larger compressor.”