Amfortis helps to streamline all typical prepress tasks such as design optimisation, stepping and repeating, ripping and job management


Agfa has launched Amfortis workflow solution for offset packaging printing. (Credit: Agfa-Gevaert Group)

Agfa-Gevaert Group, a provider of imaging systems and IT solutions, has introduced Amfortis PDF workflow solution for offset packaging printing applications.

Designed for packaging converters and printers, the new workflow solution integrates multiple software tools to help cover all prepress production tasks from preflighting, stepping and repeating and proofing to rendering.

Amfortis is said to complement Agfa’s offering for offset packaging, which already consists of durable printing plates and CtP systems.

It is compatible with Agfa’s printing plates, platesetters and pressroom products for offset packaging printers.

The advanced workflow solution has the potential to streamline all typical prepress tasks such as design optimisation, stepping and repeating, ripping and job management.

Amfortis, which serves as an integrated command centre, allows digital presses or wide-format printers and cutting devices to carry out sampling and short-run production.

Amfortis incorporates Agfa’s standardisation software PressTune, which enables to maintain colour consistency and helps in lower ink and paper consumption.

PressTune helps Agfa’s SPIR@L screening technology to enhance print quality and minimise ink coverage. Amfortis integrates SPIR@L to replace the traditional ink dot with other more efficient shapes such as spirals.

PressTune also serves as the backbone for Agfa’s ink saving software InkTune, which can be applied to the extended colour gamut separations supported by Amfortis.

By incorporating Agfa’s Arziro, Amfortis enables printing companies to add specific design elements to artwork for enhanced shelf appeal and brand protection.

Agfa software head Andy Grant said: “Packaging printing is a growing market segment, and the pandemic has even reinforced this through an increase in online shopping.

“Amfortis is the final piece in the jigsaw for offset packaging. It also fits in our ECO³ approach: we support the business growth of our customers by offering them cost-effective solutions that make their operations more sustainable, productive and convenient.”

Fratelli Roda, a Swiss printing firm, is the first entity to use Amfortis workflow solution.