Advanced Dynamics Ltd is launching exciting new high speed, sheet counting technology into the UK which is suitable for a wide range of industries including high security printing, paper mills, banking, converting and packaging.


The new B.Matic Protec ADR 32 sheet counter, exclusively available in the UK from Advanced Dynamics, is set to revolutionise the market for counting technology due to the machine’s exceptional speed and accuracy with no damage whatsoever to materials.


Suitable for high performance counting of a variety of items including currency, cardboard, paper and plastic, the Protec ADR 32 equipment can handle sizes from A6 to A1 up to 800gsm thick at an impressive rate of around three thousand per minute, even with tab insertion, without corner deformation and no scratching.


This robust technology, which offers quick and simple changeover from thin to thick sheets, is built with a mechanical core and the latest optical fibre technology to generate the high volume counting levels other suppliers will find hard to match.


Protec’s patented twin vacuum technology sorts the sheets from the top of the pile downwards ensuring 100% accuracy according to the manufacturer – crucial to containing costs by preventing undersupply or excess volumes to customers. The machine also provides environmental benefits by reducing the waste caused by damaged materials.


All counting operations are electronically controlled using the latest technology on the market. A multi-lingual touch screen control panel provides a user-friendly interface as well as detailed information for the operator. In addition, the system can be interfaced with printers, PCs or additional touch screen control panels.

Three models are available to suit almost all types of materials, dimensions and weights – the ADR 32 Light for 40-300 GSM, Hard (200-800 GSM) and Wide (40-800 GSM). Advanced Dynamics can also supply the automatic Tab Inserter for subdividing reams, both immediately after printing and on delivery for checking.


Advanced Dynamics’ managing director, Malcolm Little, believes that the Protec ADR 32 is a breakthrough in counting technology, which, like other equipment in its B.Matic range, can give UK companies an advantage by helping them achieve savings from eliminating the damage to materials and reducing the error rate that alternative methods of counting sheets can cause.


He said: "The B.Matic range of machines has been a great fit with our range of labellers, feeders, sleevers and wrappers, but the technical quality and exceptional speed of the new Protec ADR models add an extra dimension to sheet counting, especially for those companies involved with security documents."


Streamlining processes to maximise efficiency and cut costs is vital and the B.Matic Protec ADR 32 ticks the box. Flexible and user friendly, this latest addition to Advanced Dynamics’ range of Protec Counters can help the company expand into new markets.