Clifton Group is helping Burton’s Foods grab a stake in the burgeoning impulse snack market with stand-up Tear and Share multi-packs for the new Cadbury Mighty Minis biscuit range.

The variety bag containing three 75g bags of chocolate covered mini biscuits is said to be the first biscuit multipack to use free standing quad seal technology.

Printed in six-colour gravure on 20/40 Co-Ex White OPP film, the pack is designed to move away from biscuit shelves to compete alongside crisps and snacks in a sector growing by 30% a year.

“The launch of Mighty Minis enables us to further expand biscuits into the new snacking and impulse categories,” says Burton’s Foods marketing director Tony Camp.

“The Tear and Share variety bag is very different from the traditional flat pillow packs used for multipacks. This one really stands out. It’s a high profile part of the range and we’re sure it will be a big seller.”