The firm will install the equipment at its new recycling facility located in South Carolina in early 2020.


ACI Plastics reprocesses post-industrial plastics. (Credit: meineresterampe from Pixabay.)

ACI Plastics, a US-based firm engaged in post-industrial plastics reprocessing, is planning to install reclaim extruders from Davis-Standard to boost its recycling operations.

The firm will install the equipment at its new recycling facility located in South Carolina in early 2020.

Two additional extruders are expected to be installed at the facility in the fourth quarter of the year.

The recently installed extruders will be utilised to pelletise scrap materials from the mixed rigid plastics along with the production of PolyEthylene (PE) and PolyPropylene (PP) plastic pellets for resale.

The installation of the new equipment forms part of ACI’s partnership with PreZero, a waste management and recycling firm.

ACI Plastics is planning to expand its footprint for closed-loop sustainable processing of film and rigid plastics with the support from PreZero.

PreZero invests in new technologies, systems, and processes which are committed to long-term environmental sustainability.

ACI Plastics has facilities in Arizona, Nebraska and Michigan

ACI Plastics president Scott Melton said: “Our process expertise combined with PreZero’s technical innovation and resources is expanding access to our services nationwide. In addition, we have been very diligent in our equipment selection.

“We chose Davis-Standard as our extruder provider because of a successful history that spans almost 20 years. A Davis-Standard extruder we purchased in 2000 has operated non-stop without issue.”

Due to minimal maintenance and operating cost, ACI expects that the extruders from Davis-Standard are a good fit for its commitment to sustainable practices.

The firm with facilities in Arizona, Nebraska and Michigan, provides size reduction, plastic separation, paint removal, compounding, blending and logistics services for many automotive scrap materials.

It also provides technology for recycling multi-layer automotive instrument panels (IPs) and door panels.

ACI also delivers pellets which are derived from virgin materials with a compounding capacity of more than 40,000,000 pounds annually.

In 2018, Davis-Standard had acquired Thermoforming Systems (TSL), a thermoforming equipment manufacturer, for an undisclosed amount.