The Brand Security Platform helps the stakeholders to simplify the overall process across the supply chain through distributed ledger technology and single ownership


ACG Inspection has introduced blockchain-based brand platform (Credit: PRNewswire / ACG Group)

ACG Group’s business unit ACG Inspection has introduced an advanced blockchain-based platform to better meet the traceability and anti-counterfeiting needs in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The Brand Security Platform is a new blockchain-based solution, which aggregates GS1 2D Data Matrix, smart contracts, geolocation identification and product biometrics tracking to better monitor the whereabouts and contents of packaged medicines across the supply chain journey from manufacturer to end-user.

Part of ACGI’s VeriShield suite of services, the new system allows stakeholders to simplify the overall process via distributed ledger technology and single ownership.

VeriShield provides serialisation and aggregation solutions for cartons and bottles at the primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging levels.

The company has designed the new blockchain-based platform to address traceability issues, including the challenges of single-owner data sets, as well as the prevalence of digitally broken supply chains arising from personnel error and new business models disrupting traditional procedures.

ACG Inspection’s new blockchain-based platform includes three primary components

ACG’s Brand Security Platform features three primary components, including blockchain, internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). Each component can be integrated individually or combined as per the customer requirements.

The blockchain component enables to register all medicines and buyers, sellers, logistics partners and manufacturers in one network with the support of distributed ledger technology. It helps to avoid manipulation across the supply chain by outsiders.

The IoT component enables to connect all participants in the delivery chain to the network with the support of GS1-compatible applications such as the ACG Inspection mobile application, the ACG Inspection web platform or other application incorporated into the ACG Inspection platform.

ACG Inspections Geo Location and product biometrics trackers tagged to the products deliver all the data needed to monitor the location information and biometrics of the package.

The AI component makes participants alert in real-time on any temperature breach, including rising or falling of the temperature below the desired threshold level called Geo-Fencing breach, as well as in any deviation in the route planning.

In December, ACG Group unveiled next-generation production, packaging and inspection machinery solutions.