The NXT Series include future ready machines that offer smart USER experience

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Image: ACG group provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Photo: courtesy of Emilian Danaila from Pixabay.

ACG Group, a provider of integrated pharma manufacturing solutions, has unveiled next-generation production, packaging and inspection machinery solutions.

The NXT Series includes next-generation solutions from the company’s two business units ACG Engineering and ACG Inspection.

The new machines from NXT series include Protab 300NXT, Protab 700 NXT, BMax NXT, KartonX NXT and Verishield CS18 NXT.

These machines are claimed to provide smart USER experience to customers. USER stands for UltraHMI, StealthDesign, ExploreAR (augmented reality) and RevealiOT.

The USER elements add significant changes to majority portfolio of ACG machinery

The USER aspects are claimed to add significant changes to its portfolio of ACG machinery, including tablet presses, blister and cartoning packing equipment and serialisation units for track and trace applications.

ACG’s UltraHMI feature not only enables seamless control of high-precision but also in contamination-free machines due to minimal human-machine interaction.

The IIoT-enabled UltraHMI system offers simplified operator experience, decision dashboard, and better data visualisation.

These machines come with StealthDesign to maximise output with minimised footprint.

The machines feature ExploreAR that minimises production downtime, detects and resolves maintenance issues more rapidly, as well as keeps the production process at an optimised pace.

The other benefits offered by ExploreAR feature include real-time monitoring, remote diagnosis, etc.

RevealiOT is an IIoT platform that facilitates intermachine connectivity and smart manufacturing processes through easy-to-read dashboards that offer difficult-to-measure KPIs.

With operations in more than 100 countries, ACG group provides pharma manufacturing solutions, including capsules, films and foils, engineering and inspection systems.

In August, ACG Capsules launched a new line of clean label and advanced HPMC capsules to meet a range of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical requirements.

The new ACGcaps H+ capsule with no gelling agent can be used for hygroscopic and moisture-sensitive formulations.