AB InBev has introduced a new one-way polymer keg system, PureDraught, to keep beer fresh longer and reduce carbon footprint.

Pure Draught

Image: PureDraught comes in 6L, 12L and 18L sizes rather than standard 30L or larger steel keg size. Photo: courtesy of AB InBev GITEC.

Launched via its Global Innovation and Technology Center (GITEC), the PureDraught polymer keg system will help keep beer fresher up to four times compared to the traditional steel keg and minimise the carbon footprint of shipping.

According to the company, the traditional steel keg produces a number of costly logistical and environmental issues that are magnified when shipped internationally.

The firm’s GITEC division is said to provide a solution to both problems with PureDraught. With custom-moulded, double-walled and bottle-in-bottle polymer keg, PureDraught enables air or gas to be delivered into the outer bottle, helping to keep its shape and push the beer out of the inner bottle.

PureDraught helps in preventing any air or dispense gas from touching the beer, enabling the beer to remain fresh for 30 days after being tapped instead of just a week.

The new keg system is available in 6L, 12L and 18L sizes compared to the standard 30L or larger steel keg size, offering flexibility and less wasted product to the bar and restaurant owners. It can be stored and dispensed from upright or on their side on a shelf.

AB InBev draught capabilities global director Daniel Ingram said: “For a consumer, PureDraught means a fresh beer experience for up to four times longer, since the first time air or gas touches the beer is when it’s poured into their glass.”

At present, PureDraught is in use with AB InBev brands in more than six countries, including the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy and South Korea.

The company plans to launch nationwide in the US later this year, helping to serve brands such as Stella Artois. It is available in Colombia and additional areas of Europe, Africa, and Japan from this spring.

AB InBev GITEC vice president Rodrigo Sozo said: “PureDraught is a technology that has the potential to transform the consumer experience when enjoying draught beer: superior quality, less carbon footprint and more variety of beers on tap.

“This breakthrough is the result of the vision, passion, resilience and knowledge of our GITEC team – they are our greatest asset and are obsessed with transforming dreams into reality.”