Once upon a time in the woodland, the fairies were getting very worried about end of life flowers. Once the flowers had finished their useful purpose, the petals would fall to the ground and become unsightly and a nuisance. “We must do something about clearing up end of life flowers,” they all said.

So a friendly elf called ‘Gnomepak’ came along and offered to help with the problem. He suggested that he could collect all the petals and in return he would give the fairies some petal recovery notes which he called PRNs.

“What use are PRNs?” asked the fairies. “Oh you can use them like money and I will take them and employ more elves to help me clear up, we can buy some plastics bags to put all these petals in to make the place look better and maybe make something useful out them,” replied ‘Gnomepak’.

The fairies couldn’t think of a better idea so they decided to let the elf try out his PRN scheme. Unfortunately, and for all the very best reasons, he failed to collect enough petals. So at the end of the year, the fairies were left with some PRNs and rather a lot of petals and didn’t know what to do.

So they summoned ‘Gnomepak’ to the Fairy Council. He said how sorry he was that he had failed to fulfil his contract and left them with a rather unsatisfactory mess. He accepted their criticism and promised to try and do better next year.

It’s a good thing that fairy stories like this never happen in real life!