MDC Max Daetwyler claims its Vision 3 engraving head is the fastest yet available for production of gravure cylinders. It engraves at 8,600Hz up to a depth of 35 micron and 8,100Hz at up to 60 micron, claimed to be eight per cent higher than the fastest competitor.

The new head also offers an extra depth capability up to 90 micron that allows engraving down to 37 l/cm with a standard stylus of 120degee. Its closed loop feedback system picks up the actual movement of the stylus and generates a correction signal to keep the cell size stable over the entire engraving width, down to the coarsest screen, according to MDC.

In addition, the Vision 3 can be equipped with MDC’s TranScribe option, for engraving very critical line-work jobs which could previously only be done in offset or by etching.

According to MDC, the quality of the cell shape is enhanced by the stylus tip to pivot distance in the Vision 3. At 25.4mm, it is said to be more than 2.5 times the distance of other heads.


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