Flowers of Holland can now bloom around Europe thanks to a compostable moulded fibre bulb tray from Huhtamaki Protective Packaging.

Developed for Dutch bulb specialist Jan Langediijk Bloembollen, the tray is designed to offer gardening expertise without the effort or space requirements, making it ideal for flat dwellers.

A round tray shape was chosen to fit into round pots, housing 28 bulbs of different flowers to create an attractive pattern. The size of the nest is tailored to bulb size and growth.

The moulded fibre softens with watering, making it easy for the roots to penetrate into the soil, while the tray will compost for better soil structure.

The trays have four tabs around the rim and de-nesting ridges for easy separation. Showcards are stapled to the tabs and serve as a promotional device as well as protecting the bulbs.

Jan Langediijk Bloembollen trays are on sale in garden centres and home improvement centres throughout Europe.