The first new process aid technology to be introduced to the plastics industry since the early 90s, according to manufacturer DuPont Dow Elastomers, is claimed to surpass its contemporaries in performance.

Used in cast and blown film, Viton FreeFlow Z-100 and Viton FreeFlow Z-200 use a combination of rheology modified fluoroelastomer and interfacial agents to improve product quality without increasing costs.

For film converters, the additive is said to eliminate melt fracture quickly, delivering smooth, clear films with a high gloss finish.

It offers robust processing capability, the ability to reduce die gap size in blown films and reduces die-buildup on extruded goods. Less material is needed to coat the die, reducing material costs.

The Z-100 version uses a lower level of polyethylene glycol than conventional fluoroelastomer polymer process aids. New polycaprolactone based technology, which is more oxidatively and thermally stable is used in Z-200.