American AET Films has launched its HOTR-2 film for fresh-cut produce packaging.

An extension of the HOTR family of OPP films, the new version is available in 55 and 70 gauge and offers oxygen transmission rates of 175-325cc/100 in2/24 hours in laminations to PE.

The film’s breathability performance is based on proprietary polymer chemistry to achieve permeability, as opposed to processes that mechanically alter films for permeability.

“This provides product protection from outside contaminants, the maintenance of flavour compounds and improves moisture control within the produce,” said AET manager Mike Bosky.

The beta value of the film is 3.5-4.00 compared to a beta value of 1.0 in mechanically altered structures. “This provides a more suitable package atmosphere for extending the shelf life,” adds Mr Bosky.

HOTR-2 has a crinkly feel and is said to offer consistent slip properties for reliable performance on packaging equipment.