Doyen Medipharm, manufacturer of fabricating and packaging machinery to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is building three converting and labelling systems to manufacture a new oral care product. These ‘breath-freshener’ strips are dissolvable film breath strips are impregnated with ingredients such as menthol and peppermint, and packaged in convenient plastics carrying cases. The consumer takes a strip from the case and places it on the tongue, where it dissolves to give an instant feeling of fresh breath.

Doyen’s three systems are each capable of producing almost 1,500 strips/min into 60 filled cases. They can be enhanced to produce over 5,000 strips/min. The process starts with a master roll of film, which is unwound and slit into individual strips. These continuous strips are then stacked and fed through a cut-off mechanism that cuts the stacks directly into the waiting carrying case. The case lid is assembled and the filled product is transferred to a labelling system for product identification on the case. They can then be transferred automatically to downstream carding and cartoning processes for final package preparation.


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Doyen Medipharm