A study that focuses on the performance of the industry and makes recommendations to help improve its productivity and competitiveness in a 13-point action plan is now available from Pira International.

The full report of the three-month DTI funded competitiveness study for the packaging industry was carried out in partnership with the Packaging Federation.

The actions cover issues ranging from regulations and employment to e-auctions, research and development and benchmarking.

The study proposes the initiation of an Industry forum to facilitate and coordinate implementation of the recommendations of the report.

“This report represents a major step for the industry in identifying opportunities for growth and increasing productivity. A number of positive aspects have emerged from the study relating to industry skills in areas of innovation and supply chain management which could be further exploited,” says Pira director Ann Stirling-Roberts.

Chief executive at the Packaging Federation Ian Dent comments: “For an industry with a GDP of over £9bn, it is high time that this important sector of the economy received due recognition for its contribution to the manufacturing and service sectors.

“It forms an essential part of most products’ supply chain and, as such, can act as a key barometer of the UK economy.

“The threats and opportunities identified in this report need to be taken on board in partnership with government at the earliest opportunity.”

The DTI Minister for Corporate Social Responsibility, Competitiveness and E-commerce Stephen Timms, MP, concludes: “The action plan is not just for government.

“Important actions need to be taken forward by the packaging industry and it is vital that those within the industry, especially its leaders, buy into this process.”

The full competitiveness study is now available from Pira International and the Packaging Federation in hard copy and electronic format.

For further information contact Ann Stirling Roberts at Pira International on +44 (0) 1372 802225, email annr@pira.co.uk or Ian Dent, Packaging Federation on +44 (0) 20 7808 7217, email iandent@packagingfedn.co.uk