An ingenious multi-fold carton that has been invented and patented in the US will now be available in the UK through The Corrugated Case Company.

MultiPak is a12-in-1 box that can be folded into an array of shapes and sizes. It can be made greaseproof, waterproof, freezerproof or fireproof and can be printed in up to six colours.

Based on a single blank marked with a series of scores and perforations, and produced in any single wall grade of corrugated card. The carton is then folded and taped into a range of shapes. It could be used to pack anything from a single bottle to a full case of 12 bottles. MultiPak also offers a solution to the problem of having to stock numerous cartons in different sizes.

“It’s such a simple concept but all the best ideas are,” said Corrugated Case Company sales director Mark Wilcockson. “This design has so many applications, it should prove a winner with many manufacturing industries, mail order and gift packaging companies.

“Corrugated packaging is high volume and low value, so the beauty is that this pack reduces inventory – you have one box that will do 12 things – so it cuts down on the space needed to store large numbers of different sizes.”