At a time when the packaging industry has to be seen to be Mr Clean, the joint initiative led by the Liquid Food Carton Manufacturers Association and Smith Anderson is nothing short of manna from heaven.

Smith Anderson is planning to re-process 20% of all waste cartons in this country at its Fettykil Mill in Fife by August of this year. Even so, the company would never claim to be an expert in domestic waste so it will be a little while before the necessary infrastructure is in place.

I am told that both the LFCMA and Smith Anderson are talking to a number of local authorities about the issues involved. Both naturally want to see their project reach a successful conclusion with suitable kerbside collection points.

At this very moment talks are taking place with schools, hospitals and other institutions where the turnover of beverage cartons is considerable. And, when the scheme comes on stream to a large fanfare in August of this year, the technology will have been finalised.

There will, of course, be a need for further education at grass roots level – students in particular. After all, it is the young that always bring environmental issues to a successful conclusion. Perhaps, the reason for this is that they are always prepared to fight for ideals, particularly when it concerns their future environmental welfare.

Indeed, it is the young who probably account for the consumption of the greatest number of beverages in carton packs.

I could be wrong but this development would seem to offer an excellent opportunity for a college award. Perhaps, the LFCMA should consider taking this one on board?