Fed up with looking at that fixed smile? I have always assumed that people expected a smile from the editor. A smiling editor implies that the said scribe is happy in his job, is overpaid and spends far too much time attending industry thrashes feeding the stomach, rather than the mind.

Well have I got news for you. The grin above is going to be replaced by the “mean, moody look” below. Why? Because it’s time for me to retire that’s why! Mind you some of you looked forward to reading my column.

I am reminded of the gentleman who said that when he opened Packaging Today International every month and saw my face, it was like meeting up with an old friend. Sad sod!

No, I am not being rude about the incoming editor, Gerry Duggin. When I asked his wife Rosemary for an image with some semblance of a smile on it she said and I quote: “No way. Gerry likes the mean, moody look.” So God help you punters!

Who is this bloke, Gerry Duggin, I can hear you all say. What’s he like? Well, some of you will know him already, especially the machinery and pharmaceutical moguls of this world. For over three years Gerry has partnered Rosemary at Alton Media Services which handles the PR for clients in the pharmaceutical sector. Prior to that this 49-year old entrepreneur honed his communication skills at Miller Freeman [now CMP], first as assistant editor, then as editor, project manager and, finally, as publisher of Manufacturing Chemist and Food Manufacture.

So Gerry is a man of many talents and a man with some considerable determination. He has a good sense of humour if you dig deep enough. Many of you will get the opportunity to meet him at the PPMA Show on stand 12360.

But, if you think you have got rid of me, you couldn’t be more wrong. I shall be editing the review section of the IoP’s Review and Directory for a bit and, if you need to talk to me about this or anything else for that matter, you can reach me on 01268 770794 e-mail wordsexpress@aol.com