Just why would an editor of any magazine recommend you read something on the subject other than his or her own publication? Well that’s just what I intend to do now!

Being up to date is a must if the converter is to survive in a changing global marketplace. That’s why you are reading Converting Today at this very moment, I hope. But I also understand that today’s busy buyers of converting machinery, materials and services need easy to read, up to the minute information almost as it happens.

So as well as the monthly magazine we offer the breaking news every day on our website at www.convertingtoday.co.uk Here you can catch the latest technology, financial and company news, exhibition lowdown, and who has sold what and to whom. In the next 48 hours, for example, I’ll be putting three extremely different stories on the site: a bag maker exhibited by Mamata at K, the latest success for ICE with the announcement of the opening up of a third hall and record bookings in a single week, and Amcor’s extensive plans for a greenfield converting site in Russia. And deputy editor Mike Taylor is feeding in the news far more frequently and prolifically.

Breaking news is not the only reason to try the site. It also features an archive of previous features. A simple word search should take you to all the background reading you may need about a company or technology. If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment or ancillaries and materials a visit to the buyers’ guide on the site is a quick and easy way to check out the companies involved, and their addresses, phone numbers and website details.

So a click a day on www.convertingtoday.co.uk is all it takes to learn the latest.

It can’t replace the monthly read with features that arrives on the target desk, but more and more of our magazine readers are also accessing our electronic news coverage. Let me know what you think.