High-speed packaging for lined cartons

Tisma, an SWF company, offers high-speed packaging for lined cartons including systems capable of filling and heat-sealing lined cartons at speeds up to 400 cartons/min.

Tisma has developed a solution for filling and sealing products in one-piece lined cartons with either vertical or horizontal filling options. Applications include cereals, bakery mixes, snack foods, powdered products, crackers, tobacco, pet foods, detergents, dried fruits and dry grains. No longer is a separate bag and box needed for products with an all-in-one lined carton system, which provides a very cost-effective packaging solution combining the bagging and cartoning processes in one simple step.

Several advanced product handling systems are available on Tisma’s lined carton machines including counter/filler, volumetric, weighing and auger filling options.

Furthermore, these systems are available in continuous or intermittent motion models, handle multiple carton sizes and styles and feature quick changeovers or servo changeover options.

There are many benefits of using lined cartons including allowing an increase in package content of up to 15% or a reduction in package size.

When the liner is completely sealed there is an elimination of product sifting through carton corners and protection against insect infestation.

SWF T +1 847 427-9525 www.swfcompanies.com

Graham blow moulder blesses PC water bottles with high clarity

Graham Machinery Group’s C30 reciprocating screw series blow moulding machine for PC water bottles and other containers up to 30 litres uses a flow-through die head in conjunction with a 24:1 L/D reciprocating screw unit with four temperature control zones and heat/cool bands. This allows for high clarity production of PC water bottles.

The C30’s single cylinder, three-platen, four-tie bar clamping system maximises mould support and mould pinch-off longevity while providing complete access to the mould area. Clamp speeds have been increased over prior designs to obtain faster cycling.

The in-system trimming and deflashing unit of the C30 delivers completely finished containers in an upright oriented manner exiting the machine. As a further development, the C30 offers a bottom blow stand, with a compression and compacted neck finish, leaving the sealing surface free of flash. It is capable of producing 120-150, 5-gallon PC water bottles/hr, depending on bottle weight and design.

Graham Machinery Group T +1 717-848-3755 www.grahammachinerygroup.com

Servos transform index cartoning

Bradman Lake’s automatic SL6000 indexing end loader will pack up to 100 cartons/min of delicate or difficult products with rapid, electronically repeat-able size changes.

Complicated stop and start mechanisms have been replaced with synchronized servo motors controlled by computer with a touch screen interface. Doing away with mechanical drives reduces the stresses of inter-mittent motion and adds flexibility.

Since servo power output is smooth and controllable, rapid acceleration and deceleration can be combined with longer dwell time of product pockets. This allows delicate products to be loaded gently into stationary pockets and for collations to be assembled. It is also possible to index two pockets at a time for simultaneous loading.

The SL6000 indexing end loader will handle carton sizes ranging from 50x19x114mm to 305x100x330mm.

The first SL6000 has already been installed in the US with three more on order for a multi-national confectionery manufacturer.

Bradman Lake Inc T +1 704 588 3301 www.bradmanlake.com

Lightweight pouch cuts costs

The Flex Pack stand-up pouch is supplied in a variety of laminated materials including those with barrier properties. The lightweight pack offers an economical alternative to tradi-tional packaging and less weight means less cost. The pouch has a variety of applications including snack foods, horticultural, bever-age, pharmaceuticals and pet foods.

Features such as a reclosable zipper and die-cut handle offer consumer convenience.

Flex Pack UK T +44 (0)1444 871230 www.flexpackusa.com

APT gets the drop on its competitors

The UK Patent Office has granted a patent to Associated Packaging Technologies for its ImpacTray food containers used in chilled/frozen food applications.

The technology APT uses in manufacturing many of its food trays results in dramatically improved impact resistance, which is especially important in frozen food applications. Three-compartment, 20cm round trays from APT have been drop tested at -23°C. The results were said to be superior to that of any competitor.

Associated Packaging Technologies T + 1 561-746-2414 www.aptechnologies.com

Low cost solution for the DVD inustry

Schneider Packaging Equipment makes a case packing system for movie, music and game DVDs. Pre-packed cartons of DVDs or individual cases of DVDs are packed into one master shipper. The case packer will pack 130 DVDs and up to 11 cartons/min.

The DVD case packer features cell logic control, powered case magazine indexing, open con-struction design, fast changeovers and diagnostics.

Schneider Packaging Equipment T +1 315 676-3035 www.schneiderequip.com