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All-in-one solution

A new waterborne one-component primer for food packaging extrusion coatings and laminations is said to be extremely easy to apply and “set new standards in moisture resistance of flexible packages subjected to boiling, sterilizing or pasteurizing – even those with aggressive contents”.

Available from Henkel Technologies, Liofol A 1883 can be applied on carrier films such as PET, nylon, paper, PS and PE. It is said to feature easy and reliable processing properties, as well as reduced effort at the primer station. Once set, the machine runs smoothly and operating staff can concentrate on monitoring film extrusion and coating, says Henkel.

The applied primer yields an ultra thin coating whose thickness can be varied from a “barely measurable” 0.05g/m2 up to 1g/m2. After passing through a 3-5m long drying tunnel at 65-85degC, the pretreated carrier film can be coated with the PE melt or laminated with another film. After this, the laminate is finished and immediately ready for further processing. Further curing is not necessary. The material can be cut directly to the desired width and dispatched to the customer.

According to Henkel, Liofol A 1883 achieved outstanding adhesion values in tests on several types of machine “in authentic conditions”. Whether coated or laminated, the finished product is claimed to be “always a strong, inseparable film laminate that also shows greater resistance to hydrolysis than those containing conventional primers”.

Liofol A 1883 complies with FDA 175.105 and the test conditions of 2002/72/EC.

Making the right choice on tissue

Bostik Findley has introduced new literature for its purpose developed adhesives for tissue converting. The data sheet examines different applica- tion areas “to make choosing the right adhesive a simple and straightforward process”, the company states. Applications covered include laminating, pick-up, tail tie, core winding and carton and case sealing.

Marketing manager Richard Sellman states: “Our new literature is meant to make life as easy as possible for those selecting adhesives for a specific application. Our extensive research and development programme, combined with a close working relationship with our customers, has enabled us to develop a truly comprehensive range for the tissue converting sector.”

The company also has new information sheets on its adhesives for the packaging industry.

Another Asian adhesive centre

Rohm and Haas USA has inaugurated a commercial scale Schiavi-Bobst Combi laminator at its new Adhesives and Sealants Technical Centre in Taloja, India. Expected to enhance the company’s capabilities for technical service and product development support for customers throughout the region, the new centre is located on the site of its main adhesives manufacturing facility in Asia.

Opened in August, 2003, the Taloja plant produces polyurethane, polyester, and water based adhesive formulations for flexible packaging; acrylic emulsions for pressure sensitive adhesives; and water based latex emulsion polymers for use in paints, coatings, and non wovens. Its annual capacity is 35,000t.

The Combi machine is dedicated to supporting trials and product development efforts of packaging and converting customers, end users, and co-suppliers in India and throughout Asia. It provides accurate simulation of industrial conditions for testing and evaluation and is equipped to coat solventless and dry laminating adhesives, including Rohm and Haas’s new generation water based adhesives.

Each of Rohm and Haas’ four technical centres in Asia is equipped with lab-scale coaters that allow quick evaluation of adhesives prior to testing on commercial machines. The other centres in Asia are located in China, Singapore and Australia.

White savings from Sovereign

Sovereign Specialty Chemicals has introduced a solventless laminating adhesive for flexible packaging that, it claims, can save both time and money. Primalam 5210W behaves on the line in exactly the same way as any other premium adhesive, but is a dense white colour, the company states.

A high proportion of flexible packaging designs, especially those printed on clear film, include an all-over white ink coating. This not only provides the white in the design but also bolsters the other colours, “bringing them out”. Using Primalam 5210W, this white ink is not required, according to Sovereign. Ink cost is cut, and set-up and clean-down time is reduced because the white ink station is not required.

In addition, the new adhesive is said to provide more options within flexible packaging printing because it makes an extra ink station available. This can increase print quality by allowing an extra ‘special’ colour to be used, states Sovereign.

The company also says that peel strength results are not reduced by the white pigment and Primalam 5210W can be specified in exactly the same way as a standard solventless adhesive.

Solventless silicone PSAs “overcome limitations”

Dow Corning has introduced its first commercially available silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The 2013 adhesive is said to overcome the limitations found in earlier industry attempts to develop a commercially viable solventless silicone PSA.

Dow Corning senior development chemist Loren Durfee says: “Early materials had the tack and adhesion you would typically expect from a silicone PSA, but they lacked the high temperature shear performance many industrial PSA applications require.”

The new adhesive is claimed to give tape and label manufacturers all the performance advantages of solvent based silicone PSAs, but without the solvent. According to the company, this paves the way for manufacturers who were previously unable to use solvent based materials to pursue high value applications that require typical silicone PSA performance benefits.

These include the ability to maintain adhesion at both high and low temperature extremes; adhesion to low energy surfaces; conformability and low residue; chemical, moisture and UV resistance; sound dampening characteristics; electrical insulation properties; non toxic and non allergenic features.

Brian Chapman, global market manager for Dow Corning’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Tapes segment comments: “The 2013 adhesive is just one of a series of technological innovations we are developing to help our customers overcome limitations and take advantage of new opportunities. For example, we recently introduced the industry’s first screen printable silicone PSA, Dow Corning 7500 adhesive, which is also solvent-free.”

In addition to silicone PSAs, the company offers a complete line of silicone release coatings.

Ecomomy and exceptional bonding

At Labelexpo Americas, Rayven introduced an economical pressure sensitive adhesive for films. Said to have exceptional bonding properties, it is designed for graphic arts and protective laminating applications. The 3629-CP adhesive is claimed to offer excellent starting tack level, high clarity, and medium-high shear resistance. It is also said to permit initial repositionability, while still developing a strong bond over time. Rayven will offer the adhesive on many of its imaging, label and over-laminating films, and for custom or toll coating applications.

UK supplier

Advanced Technical Products has signed an exclusive agreement to supply HB Fuller products for the requirements of customers in the UK packaging and converting market, with the exception of certain key strategic accounts. “We will provide an exceptional service to all existing and future customers of HB Fuller including fully equipped technical service facilities and guaranteed deliveries,” promises Nigel James, ATP’s sales director. “

Self adhesive seminar

On October 27-28, the AWA Adhesive Technology Conference, in Amsterdam, will examine trends, new technologies and market require- ments, looking particularly at self adhesive laminates – labelstock, tapes and graphic arts materials.


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