Wide mill rolls make dual web attractive

An innovative dual web option introduced by Jennerjahn for its JLS-73in slitter rewinder (for web widths ranging from 24-73in) is said to nearly double the machine’s output on specialized products.

It can process two separate 30in unwind roll widths with a maximum diameter of 60in on one shaftless unwind stand. When running dual web, a centre arm assembly is bolted onto this stand and two pneumatic activated chuck tips are located on each side of the centre arm to give support to each mill roll. Maximum weight of each roll is 1,750lb.

Rewind cores are placed on a portable staging tray located on the front of the rewinder. Guide arms are used to keep the cores aligned properly and the autoloader has a pick and place vacuum device to transfer cores from the staging tray to the bedrollers.

All JLS models feature a shaftless rewind system. An additional centre rewind chuck mechanism is also added when running dual web. As the cores are placed into the bedrollers, the rewind chucks are activated to secure the cores during the winding cycle. Once wound to the desired length/diameter, the rolls are transferred to the seal station, where the tails are automatically secured by glue or adhesive tab.

Jennerjahn Machine Tel: +1 765 998 2733 www.jennerjahn.com

Label show launch for slitter

A new label slitter rewinder from Spanish rotary printing press builder Rotatek is designed to meet the ever demanding needs of the self adhesive and flexible packaging markets.

The RTK 330 inspection slitter rewinder is equipped with an electronic web guide, two splicing tables each with two pneumatic clamps, an inspection table with six missing label detectors and a slitting unit with three rotary, laterally adjustable knives. According to production needs, the roll can be rewound with labels in or labels out. The counting device stops automatically when the predetermined label total is reached.

Rotatek Tel: +34 936 745 250 www.rotatek.com

Alpha exports to the Baltic

An Alpha Converting Alphalab Twin narrow width slitter rewinder has been delivered to A S Paraprint, Estonia for converting printed films and labelstock.

The machine features cantilevered unwind and rewind shafts for quick roll change. All the path rollers are rigidly supported at both ends. Paraprint’s equipment has interchangeable differential and air inflated rewind shafts, layon rolls for removal of entrapped air, electronic edge guide, stainless steel splice table, and supports a choice of slitting options. Web widths are available up to 750mm with a slitting speed of 250m/min. Alpha’s standard digital control system is included with touchscreen for setting winding conditions. It has a recipe system for quick recall of both product data and machine setup.

Alpha Converting Tel: +44 (0)1767 692244 www.alpha-converting.co.uk

Static control self help brings savings

A Simco ionizing air blower with a new optional DIY installation could bring major cost savings for slitting and rewinding converters, believes UK exclusive distributor WLT.

WLT’s director Mike Essler says: “We have found that more and more companies want to install their own Simco equipment. To enable this we have sourced suitable tubing which will now allow customers even greater time and cost savings.”

The Type AS-20 is claimed to be ideal for eliminating static created in film sheeting during production, which, if not removed, can endanger staff and slow down production.

Now available from WLT with special 75mm mounting tubing, users can mount a number of blowers together.

WLT Tel: +44 (0)1274 220300 www.wlt.co.uk

Early success for S series

Jarshire reports its first sale of the new Helios ‘S’ series knifeholder. Thirty-two have been purchased by a major group with sites throughout the world.

The customer particularly liked the new self locking pneumatic blade carriage mounted on ball slides, says Jarshire. “This allows the knife- holders to be fully interchangeable to any other machine fitted with the same blade carriage type. The ball slides also eliminate play in the knifeholder positioning.”

This, combined with pre-grease lubrication and rubber dust scrapers, is said to ensure that the holders have a longer life and that repositioning is easy.

Patented features of the now replaced ‘A’ series incorporated include easy cutting angle adjustment with graduated scale. This allows the operator to adjust cutting angles easily and in complete safety even when slitting is taking place, as the control for cutting/cant angle adjustment is near the top of the knifeholder and well away from the slitting knife.

The slitting head, complete with knife, can be turned through 180 degrees either for use on the second cutting edge of the bottom knife or for special applications with side trim units.

All Helios knifeholders sold by Jarshire to UK customers are fitted with automatic resting blade protection that eliminates the possibility of operator injury during setting up, or adjustment of the slitting station. Another patented, proven feature included is the soft-cut shear cutting system, a flexible mount between the knifeholder body and knife head, said to ensure soft contact between the top and bottom knife of between 0.1- 3.5kg. This gives extended blade life and “unrivalled reduction” in dust generation during slitting.

Jarshire Tel +44 (0)1753 825122 www.jarshire.co.uk

Capacity upped

In order to match its growing metallizing capacity, Rol-Vac, of Dayville, CT, USA, has purchased a high capacity slitter from Galileo Vacuum Systems. Says general manager Steve Joseph: “This machine is specifically designed to handle metallized films. Its tension zone separation and the individual control of each rewound roll guarantees perfect roll conformity and scratch/scuff-free slitting and rewinding.”

The MRS slitter will run consistently at speeds over 2,500ft/min with minimal operator intervention, claims the Italian company.

Galileo Vacuum Systems Tel: +39 0574 564 311 galileo.vacuum.tec@ui.prato.it

Slitter centre winder surfaces

Senntech has developed a new slitter and centre surface winder to run hot stamping foil. The Swiss machinery builder’s fully automatic MPW300PS can handle a maximum web width of 2,000mm and rewind core internal diameters of 25.4mm, 50.8mm and 76.2mm. Maximum finished roll OD is 300mm.

All that is necessary on the automatic equipment is to fill up the core hopper and replace the tabbers from time to time, explains the company. The slitter rewinder can be easily connected to its packaging lines with plugger, wrapper and palletizer.

Senntech Tel: +41 62 867 9240 www.senntech.com

Metallization in mind

A precision centre winding machine specifically developed to achieve high productivity running extremely delicate applications, such as metallized or coated materials, has been announced by Italian company Laem System.

Its new generation TR 555 features individually controlled and motorized stations provided with adjustable pressure for lay-on rollers. Available with different jumbo roll web widths up to 3,300mm, it offers automatic positioning of knifes and rewinding stations from the PLC recipe as well as automatic presetting of web tensions to material specification.

Mechanical speed of up to 1,300m/min is claimed and large ODs of finished reels can be reached (1,200mm) – a result of newly developed special rewinding arms.

Laem System Tel: +39 0142 45 57 19 www.laemsystem.com

Twenty-five years celebrated

UK based C G Automation opened its doors in 1978 to manufacture and market a range of small hand tools. In addition to die cutting and lamination machines a key area is the manufacture of slitting and rewinding for converting pallet wrap, handy wrap, cling and bubble films. Md David Greig says: “We are very much a skill based company with 90 per cent of our workforce being engineers. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer a one-stop-shop solution to virtually any engineering problem or requirement.”

C G Automation Tel: +44 (0)116 2760206 www.cgautomation.co.uk

Dusenbery down under by design

Manufacturing slitter rewinders mainly for the Australasian market for over 50 years, Aldus has clients in 24 countries worldwide. Specializing in twin-spindle slitter rewinders manufactured under the Dusenbery name, but designed in Australia to suit individual clients requirements, the company reports that the two current most popular models are the 735FAM and 835 Level 6 duplex winders. The majority of these machines are supplied into the flexible packaging or labelstock industries.

Said to be an economical machine, the 735FAM is designed for versatility and quick change-over, and features the Tidland D2 pneumatic differential rewind shafts. “The introduction of pneumatic differential rewind shafts is perhaps the biggest leap forward in the design of twin-spindle slitter rewinders in the last decade,” says Ian Guanaria. “Ease of operation and dramatic increases in productivity easily justify the additional cost.”

A larger and faster version of the 735, the 835 Level 6 can also be equipped with the Tidland D2 rewind shafts. It may have cantilevered or lift-out rewind mandrels, or a combination of both. Touchscreen controls and recipe storage, pneumatic knife shaft, quick change razor, and shear slitting and unloading and packing stations are some of the many labour saving features cited for the 835.

Aldus Tel: + 61 02 98090363 www.aldus.com.au

Narrow winding gets smart

Independent Machine Co has developed a system for slitting and traverse winding extremely narrow pressure sensitive adhesive coated material. The 12in wide system includes a cantilevered unwind to 26in diameter with automatic edge guide and programmable tension control. The slitter has entry and exit S wrap pull rolls for tension isolation and draw control. An interchangeable shear assembly slits the tear tape down to 1mm and edge trim from each side of the web is removed by a traversing take-up.

Each of the 12 cantilevered mini Smartwinder-2000 traverse winding positions accommodates spools up to 5in wide x 8in OD. Each operates independently and has a computerized, fully adjustable, servo driven traverse to vary pitch, stroke length and end dwell. Precise adjustable rewind tension is claimed to be accurate to within seven grams.

Independent Machine Co Tel: +1 973 882 0060 www.independentusa.com

Flexible yet reliable

Built to handle a wide range of materials at high speed, the Schiavi Easy Slit is designed for easy operation by one person, claims the Bobst company.

The slitting unit is located at the rear of the machine in a position easily accessible for adjusting slit widths, while the unwinder and rewinder are located on the operator’s side for ease of use. Handling lightweight flexible films and papers/laminates up to 120/130g/m2, the machine features a rider roll which is said to assure constant unwind tension. Web alignment is monitored by a photocell and controlled by a hydraulic unit providing lateral movement of within 50mm to the unwind shaft.

Razor blade and/or shear cut knives can be used and are easily interchanged, while the razor unit itself is reciprocating, giving longer blade life, adds the company.

Bobst Group Tel: +44 (0)7768 110922 www.bobstgroup.com

Ashe’s Jade is well armed

Development of its latest three metre wide slitting machine ushers in a new era for individual arm centre surface slitters, says Ashe Converting Equipment. The Jade, designed to operate at up to 1,000m/min, incorporates state-of-the-art Profibus communication to local drives. It also features individual on-board AC digital drives with built in PLC control for each arm as well as dual arms, which can run with one motor, thus reducing the tension range for thin gauge products. First of these machines is destined for a cast film producer.

Chief engineer Keith Fordham says the design and technology involved open up new possibilities in slitting, improving output, minimizing operator involvement and increasing operating efficiency. The equipment has a vacuum main drive roller, and twin drum rewind rollers. All rollers are motor driven, which allows for individual control on draw from the display monitor.

Profibus control is through an enclosed busbar, which also provides power to the motors. There are no plug, socket or airline connections – all are permanently connected via travelling collectors on the busbar. Each arm has its own diameter measurement capability to enable different cores or rewind diameters to be wound without adjustments.

Ashe Converting Equipment Tel: +44 (0)1473 710912 www.ashe.co.uk

Progress at Parkland

Autotype’s UK plant at Wantage has placed an order for a second Parkland SM150 Series II slitter rewinder. The first, purchased in 2001, is used for slitting polyester and polycarbonate films for a range of products including touch screens, LCD displays and control panels. All require cleanroom manufacturing conditions. The machine was initially selected because of its ability to deliver a completely scratch-free material, claims Parkland.

The second machine is of similar specification, running at speeds up to 300m/min and offering a slit width range of 55-1,550mm. It has shaftless unwind, a splicing table, 76mm and 152mm air differential shafts, laser core and digital knife positioning. An overhead push-off mechanism eliminates manhandling of the slit reels, which are transferred to a cantilevered duplex unload trolley.

A key feature of the SM150 design is the ability to be customized to meet the specific needs of the working environment and the end product, without compromising performance or build quality, explains the company.

Despite difficult trading conditions, Parkland reports a continued increase in sales especially for its SM150 duplex centre rewind slitters. Latest order, from Adhesive Research Ireland, is a Series II machine that will be used to produce high quality adhesive materials.

Handling open faced adhesive material calls for special design features to stop adhesion and permit easy cleaning. The machine, suitable for one-man operation, is designed for dovetail rotary shear and razor slitting. Fast changeover for different slit widths is achieved using digital knife setting with electro-pneumatic knife engagement.

The machine, for processing material up to 1,600mm wide with a maximum speed of 200m/min, includes shaftless unwind, vacuum splicing table, automatic unwind and rewind tension control with readout, twin oscillating trim winders and laser core positioning. Parkland’s own design of air differential rewind shafts is used to “reduce downtime and give improved web tension for all types of materials”.

Parkland Tel: +44 (0)161 762 9737 www.parkland-international.com

‘Economic’ Kampf model

Kampf’s latest duplex slitter, the Conslit II, featuring cantilevered winding shafts, is said to offer superior engineering at a modest price. The company claims increased production speed and shortened downtime, and the ability to handle most packaging materials.

It offers proven ball friction winding shafts, laser assisted core positioning, a motorized finished roll stripper, all common slitting methods, and a fully automatic scissor cut slitting section where any number of knives can be positioned in less than 60s. Slitting widths from one inch are offered as standard.

Kampf Tel: +49 2262 81 258 www.kampf.de

Quadro slitter

Thermal transfer ribbon specialist EURO, based in Venice, recently installed a Quadro 400 TTR slitter from Swiss machinery builder Faes.

According to Faes, the Italian specialist, which slits master rolls supplied by NCR, USA, decided on the equipment based on quality, performance, reliability and customer service. The slitter is able to convert ribbons at a top speed of 500m/min and is designed for flexibility.

Faes Tel: +41 1 787 5216 www.faes.com

It takes two

CMC Cevenini says it has managed to consolidate its market share during the current tough trading period through increasing sales of its twin mandrel model GL & ED2/190 auto lathe slitter.

“Customers have realised the benefit of slitting two logs simultaneously,” explains the company. “Production output per operator is vastly increased using this method.” The machines convert pressure sensitive tapes, foams, foils, films and textiles without the need for the conventional unwinding and rewinding. A pivoting blade angle facility is said to ensure all rolls are slit squarely with an excellent surface finish. Two over-imposed blades with independent adjustment are used to maintain cutting forces to both the upper and lower logs. An indexing accuracy of within 0.1mm is claimed and a size change performed in seconds, with a minimum slitting width of 2mm and maximum of 999.9mm.

As converters’ production schedules change from day to day, the company has designed the GL & ED2/190 I. II model in a single-blade version for flexibility. It can also slit two logs at a time (190mm diameter) when necessary. However, it may be used as a general purpose lathe slitter to convert single logs up to 350mm diameter. This facility coupled with an automatic blade sharpening and de-burring unit gives converters the ‘best of both worlds’, adds Cevenini.

CMC Cevenini Tel: +44 (0)1908 615508