More than 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers will present their latest products at CMM International, the world's largest converting industry show, in Chicago during April 14-17, 2003. Here are some appetizers

Gravure goes short run

Valmet Converting is to launch the Rotomec 4000-4 ES press for short run gravure printing of flexible packaging. The first of these machines will be commissioned this month in Valmet’s Converting Technology Centre at San Giorgio Monferrato. It will be the focus of an ‘open house’ in June.

The 4000-4 ES is claimed to be the first gravure press specifically designed to minimize makeready time for a trolley-type machine. Washing of the printing cylinders and cartridges is performed off-line, close to the press and simplified by the fact that the stainless steel trolleys can be completely enclosed inside the washing machine. Trolley change-over is fully automatic, activated simultaneously on all printing units, and completed in only 2min. According to Valmet, job change-over takes half the time of conventional machines.

Also new will be the Titan CT 600 turreted slitting and rewinding system. Designed to give a high output with low machine downtime, it can be manually operated, semi automatic or provide fully automated slit reel unloading, re-coring, knife positioning and laser core positioning. A compact machine, it can slit down to less than 50mm, and handle web widths up to 1,800mm at 600m/min with a maximum rewind diameter of 600mm.

With an overhead web path, the CT 600 turret design permits rapid slit reel change-overs. It is also fitted with Titan’s Quickshaft differential rewinds and standard automation system, as well as computerized machine management systems with touchscreen control.

The first CT 600s have already been installed at major converters in Europe – UK based Amcor Flexibles (Europe) recently confirmed an order for a second machine. Booth 5900.

More information from Steve Brimble, Valmet Converting – TEL: +44 (0)1767 310100.

Battenfeld to partner Polytype

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering is to announce a partnership with Polytype America to “provide the extrusion coating and laminating industry with the latest in web handling and extrusion technology”. On display in booths 5909 and 5913 will be Polytype’s new hotmelt coater and the PolyView machine control system; Cloeren’s five-layer feedblock and 72in EBR IV (Edge Bead Reduction) AutoGauge extrusion die; Battenfeld Gloucester’s Extrol extrusion control; and a 2.5in Contracool extruder.

Battenfeld Gloucester is also exhibiting information on its latest UltraCool air ring design for film production. The new ring is claimed to demonstrate dramatic improvements in gauge variations and bubble stability, with output increases of up to 30 per cent. It is said to be simple to adjust, more user friendly in a production environment, and “self recovering” – so a hole or other film disturbance doesn’t lose the bubble. Booths 5909 and 5913.

More information from Loretta M Larraga, Battenfeld Gloucester – TEL: +1 978 282 9396. EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Polytype Converting – TEL: +41 26 426 11 11. EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Flushed with success

To reduce downtime during job changes, Graymills’ new IF-NW computer controlled system supplies ink and flushes the system. Based on the company’s PPS peristaltic pump, it is available in automatic and manual versions.

The automatic version uses a PLC with graphic interface, enabling the press operator to control multiple stations at once, or individually, as needed. During step 1, the pump supplies ink to the press station. At the end of a run, the operator pushes a ‘button’ to start the automatic process. In step 2, the pump reverses and draws the ink in the system back to the container. At step 3, the valves activate and switch to the flush container.

In step 4, the pump begins to circulate the flush solution through the entire system. After a pre-set time, it reverses and draws the solution back to its container. In step 5, the process stops – ready for the next run. The ink and flush containers are readily accessible for quick change-overs. Booth 5127.

More information from Michelle Talko, Graymills – TEL: +1 773 477 4100.

Keeping webs clean

Ksmsuperclean, will announce the global launch of the R2R web cleaning system. This is a slim profile module to clean widths of 200-1,000mm. It features side-pull adhesive access for easy assembly into moving web production lines.

The system uses ksmsuperblue elastomer rollers to remove and trap surface contaminants down to one micron in size from the surface. These are transferred to adhesive rollers and removed from the work environment. Static neutralization is conducted on exit to avoid further contamination.

According to the company, return on investment can be achieved within a few weeks from savings generated from reductions in line downtime, scrap and over-runs. Additional benefits include increased production efficiency due to less line maintenance downtime caused by premature plate/shim wear or bearing failure affecting coating heads and rollers. Booth 1045.

More information fromKSM International – TEL: +44 (0)1360 660088. EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Comexi goes gearless

Comexi will launch the FB2108 gearless press. “We are excited about the bold and innovative design of this new press, which will be delivered to Packaging Personified after CMM”, says director Manuel Xifra.

The FB2108 features station components outside the frame, away from the inking system, to allow much cleaner operation. It also offers direct drive technology for “zero transmission error”, and a quick change doctor blade system. Booth 4519.

More information from Josep Borrat, Comexi – TEL: +34 972 47 77 44. EMAIL:

‘Fastest’ coating head

Pagendarm will show “the worldwide fastest” coating head for water based adhesives. Designed for production of labelstock material, the new AGS 2500 – System BASF system has been in operation since January in the fastest coating line the company has ever built. Speeds of 5,000ft/min are claimed, producing paper labelstock “with outstanding quality – and without foam problems”.

The 66in wide coating head to be shown is destined for a US customer. Booth 1272.

More information from Ralph Pagendarm, Pagendarm-BTT – TEL: +49 040 890 960. EMAIL:

Genius plus three

BST Pro Mark will demonstrate three new process control tools for its BST Genius digital print process management system – defect detection, colour monitoring and bar code verification.

The products are used to manage print quality on-press in real-time. Defect detection identifies print defects as small as 0.007in. Automatic colour monitoring checks actual on-press colour compared to a defined standard and acceptable tolerance range, and alerts the operator when corrective action is necessary.

The bar code verification tool monitors the quality of printed codes on-press in real-time, and alerts the operator when corrective action is needed. Booth 6454.

More information from John Thome, BST Pro Mark – TEL: +1 630 758 3112. EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Double debut from Davis-Standard

The Flex-Master 1300 extrusion coating machine and WesJet AutoPro air ring will be shown for the first time by Davis-Standard.

The Flex-Master 1300 is said to be a cost effective alternative for small to mid-size and start-up companies worldwide. The machine is engineered for short runs of one to two hours for common flexible packaging structures. Its versatility is said to enable processors to extrude LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, Surlyn and EVA. Top coating speed is 300m/min, and finished rolls of up to 1,000mm diameter can be produced.

The WesJet AutoPro is the automatic model of the company’s WesJet air ring. The new design is claimed to improve control, gauge tolerance and yield, without sacrificing rate. It features a simple operator interface, automatic gauge profile control, a frequency analysis tool, and segmented airflow technology.

High production rates are said to be possible because the AutoPro does not require heat, a drawback of similar profile control technologies. Other advantages claimed include cast aluminum construction, excellent bubble stability at high air volumes, a dual lip configuration, motorized actuators for adjusting air volume, and machined vane technology in a swept entry housing.

The AutoPro is manufactured in sizes ranging from 150mm to 2,300mm. It will be shown with a new forming cone and locking collar arrangement developed for low melt strength polymers such as mLLDPE and plastomers. This feature will also be available on standard WesJet models. Booth 2606.

More information from Rick Keller, Davis-Standard – EMAIL:

Taking a narrow view

Erhardt + Leimer will debut its Elscan narrow web print viewing system. This is based on an industrial PC with Windows NT and a high resolution Sony RGB colour camera. The image is displayed on a 15in SVGA Super Fine Trinitron monitor. The optical unit features a 12x macro-zoom and includes remote control of various functions.

This system enables the operator to compare in real-time the current image with a master reference image. Features include: a split screen for comparison to the stored reference image, menu driven operation, a user friendly membrane covered keyboard, and automatic scan function. Booth 1503.

More information from Todd Guzzardo, Erhardt + Leimer – TEL: +1 864 486 3000. EMAIL:

Sheeting specials

MarquipWardUnited will provide information on its latest innovations in sheeters featuring the Marquip precision double rotary knife. These include the SheetLeader, for paper and board; the SheetRunner, for high production folding carton plants; and the SheetPro, for fine paper and board mills that require high tonnage output. The Mill Class sheeter is for sheeting on in-line board machines, and the EXF is for sheeting extruded plastics and other sensitive substrates. Booth 1105.

More information from Shannon Crivits, MarquipWardUnited – TEL: +1 715 339 2191. EMAIL: shannon.crivits’ WEBSITE:

MDK means a sheeting edge

Maxson will introduce the MDK – “an affordable dual knife rotary sheeter designed for converters who demand the competitive advantages a twin synchronous knife design provides”. Its cross cutting revolvers feature a low inertia design said to permit high speed on short cut-offs – with knife loading up to 800g/m2. A top speed of 396m/min can be achieved. Knife changes be completed in less than two hours.

The sheeter’s dual knife design mounts both top and bottom blades in rotating cylinders coupled together with anti backlash gearing. According to Maxson, the synchronized speeds of the blades to the web result in “the cleanest, quietest, dust-free cross cutting action available”.

The MDK converts rolls of paper or board to press-ready sheets 381-1,651mm long and up to 1,651mm wide. Energy conserving AC drives are governed by a microprocessor, enabling size change-overs in less than two minutes, it is claimed. Digital electronic controls are said to ensure accuracies of within 0.254mm. Booth 5948.

More information from Brent H Burdick, Maxson – TEL: +1 401 596 0162. EMAIL:

Treatment team

Pillar Technologies and Sherman Treaters, both divisions of ITW, will be promoting their corona treatment, flame treatment, power generators, and ozone generation systems.

Sherman’s ISIS corona power generator will make its CMM debut. ISIS (Intelligent Switch- mode with Integrated Software) is claimed to offer significant advances in functionality, standardization and ease of use. Resonant load matching, IGBTs, and a new complementary microprocessor based control system are said to deliver corona power to any treater station with extreme efficiency and reliability.

Pillar has added web cleaning capabilities to its narrow web corona systems. This feature is available in various models, ranging from a vacuum style head complete with static removal bars and exhaust filtering system to a tacky roller mounted in place of the idlers. Single and double-side versions are available. Booth 4044.

More information from ITW Inc – TEL: +1 262 367 3060.

Modularity means savings

Black Clawson is expanding its QFP modular equipment design to cast film and coating and laminating product lines. QFP (quality, functionality and performance) equipment relies on modular, plug and play components to reduce equipment and total project costs, and time to production. The new product designs are claimed to reduce field wiring, decreasing installation time and costs dramatically.

The company will also offer its new BC “all-encompassing” Encompass service programme. It includes replacement parts, field service, equipment upgrades, engineering services and the research and technical centre. Booth 3000.

More information from Christine Maxam, Black Clawson – TEL: 315 598 7121. EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Metallizing package

Galileo Vacuum Systems will be featuring its new Gold metallizer series and MRS slitter rewinders. The Gold/MRS is an integrated package specifically designed for film producers and large toll film metallizers. Typical web width ranges between 2,800mm and 4,500 mm, with roll diameter reaching up to 1,250mm.

Integration of the slitter with the metallizer is said to insure that the aluminum layer on the film remains intact during the metallizing and slitting operation, thereby preserving its properties of gas and moisture barrier. It also provides data communication between the machines, as well as commonality of roll handling equipment. Booth 3445.

More information from Paolo Raugei, Galileo Vacuum – TEL: +1 860 653 5911 ext 14. EMAIL: WEBSITE:

A special treat for surfaces

Enercon claims its new Plasma3 atmospheric surface treater “breaks ground in long lasting treatments and advanced surface morphology”.

This unit is said to be ideal for applications requiring stringent surface specifications, improved hydrophilicity and hydropobicity functionality, and precise surface coating performance.

The Enercon exhibit will also feature the new ThermaGlide proprietary technology, which is claimed to virtually eliminate electrode warping on ultra wide lines. Booth 4172.

More information from Peter Meierhofer, Enercon Europe – TEL: +41 01 8181038. EMAIL:

Films to find out about

New from Toray Plastics will be LumBrite U6E, a durable, cost effective holographic film to give brands powerful appeal on the retail shelf. It is said to be directly embossable, simplifying and speeding the converting process, enabling excellent registration and reducing waste. Applications are in film-to-board laminated packaging, including cosmetics, personal care, and sporting goods, as well as product security.

Also new is Torayfan PC-2 thin gauge, high barrier, metallized PC-2 OPP film for stand-up, liquid and dry mix pouch applications. It is claimed to eliminate de-lamination during package opening, provide advanced oxygen and moisture barrier protection, and offer superior coldseal bonding and puncture resistance. Booth 1012C.

More information from Eric Bartholomay, Toray Plastics (America) – EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Show shorts

Dusenbery Worldwide will introduce its latest modular machine design, claiming features “that can slash set-up times up to 75 per cent”. Booth 5931.

More information from Ron Tobin, Dusenbery Worldwide – EMAIL:

Valco Cincinnati is to feature the new Flexoseal Boardrunner glue station with ‘auto-glue’ control and glue pattern inspection. Booth 5433.

More information from Louis R. Hollmeyer, Valco Cincinnati – TEL: +1 513 874 6550. EMAIL:

Sun Chemical plans to introduce five new ink products for flexible and paper packaging. Booth 2641.

More information from John Kalkowski, Sun Chemical – TEL: +1 708-236 3686. WEBSITE:

Elsner will exhibit the new model AFR-24 automatic rewinder for aluminum foil; food packaging film and paper – with speeds up to 610m/min or 40 rolls/min. Booth 6925.

More information from David R Midgley, Elsner – TEL: +1 717 637 5991. FAX: +1 717 633 7100.

Man of the moment

Christian Hanson, president and ceo of Douglas-Hanson Co, in Hammond, Wisconsin, will be presented with the 2003 CMM International ‘Converter of the Year’ award during a special ceremony at the show. Hanson is being recognized for his many years of excellence and achievement in various segments of the converting industry. During the three decades since its founding, he and his team have transformed Douglas-Hanson from a broker to a leading converter, coater, and extruder. Today, the company is recognized as a leader in radiation curing, and for pioneering the use of electron beam and UV cured silicone release liners and film substrates.

Talking converting

In addition to the exhibition, CMM International 2003 will offer a wealth of practical information in its concurrent three-day educational programme.

It will consist of two main tracks. The technical programme will include combination presses, laser die cutting, process automation, co-extrusion, colour management and web handling. Included in the management programme will be: ‘Economic and Marketing Trends In The Global Converting Industry’; ‘Gravure/Flexo – A Costing Model’; ‘Extending Shelf Life Through Advances In Flexible Packaging Technology’; and ‘Strategies To Survive In The Narrow Web Industry’.

Visit for more information.

For more information about CMM International visit, or contact Jane McDermott at +1 212 268 4160 ext 102.